Exciting Development for Domestic Ptomobil!

exciting development for domestic cars
exciting development for domestic cars

In a speech here did not start the Minister said that in 90 of Turkey's 77 kinds of mineral in the world today, the basic mentality which forms the core of the indigenization policy, and stated that the concept of domestic production.

Pointing out that there is a tight link between mining and economic development, Dönmez said, “The efficient use of natural resources plays a major role in the developed countries reaching their current economic levels. For this purpose, we will continue to support our mining industry under all circumstances. To give an example from the coal sector, we have made a total support payment of more than 2016 million lira since 250. In addition, the support given to protect production and employment in domestic coal in 2020 has reached approximately 120 million TL. " said.

Stating that the share of the mining industry in the Gross Domestic Product is 1,1 percent, Dönmez continued as follows: “We have an export of 4-5 billion dollars in mining, but on the other hand, we have twice the imports except gold. We provide approximately 2-130 thousand direct employment in the sector. When you look at it indirectly, it is necessary to multiply this number by at least 140-5. So much so that some of our companies have citizens working in mines for 6 generations. Mining is intertwined with social and cultural life, especially in some regions. Although mining creates our cities today, most importantly, it has a great place in the lives, memories and memories of our laborers. They built their own lives and the lives of their children with what they earned from here. We cannot waste the equivalent of such sacred labor, such a great economic input, such a sphere of activity that permeates all areas of life, to the ideological impositions and obsessions of a particular group, which are unfounded, completely far from scientific facts. We will always be behind our investors and always with our miner brothers. "

Boron, Turkey's highly competitive mine

Dönmez, that there were important mines where high competitiveness in the world in Turkey's mining, that at the beginning came the tube and it trona, feldspar, sodium sulfate, chromium, lead, zinc, zeolite, lignite, marble, he said pursuit of other important minerals such as magnesite.

Cesium, scandium, tellurium, osmium, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, and for a large part of the high-tech elements such as tantalum Dönmez stressed that suitable geological environment in Turkey, said:

“However, we have not been able to convert our minerals such as lithium, beryllium, gallium, niobium, thorium, zirconium, rubidium and vanadium, which we call rare earth elements, into value due to technological insufficiency. In order to reverse the course in this area, we started to work on establishing a rare earths (REE) pilot plant in Eti Maden Eskişehir Sivrihisar. Our negotiations with some countries about the processing of these elements are continuing. Regarding lithium carbonate production, we went to Eskişehir Kırka Eti Maden facilities two months ago and examined the pilot production studies on site. I hope this facility will start production in December. On Monday, we start lithium carbonate production at Eskişehir Kırka Eti Maden facilities. Our pilot production, which will initially be 10 tons per year, will soon increase to 600 tons per year. This production domestic electric car It will be used as an important input in battery construction. ”

"We will think people-oriented, not in accordance with the legislation"

Turkey Confederation of Employer Associations (TISK) Chairman Burak Ozgur Akkol worldwide in the mining industry in Turkey, said more will come forward, "We want to turn the epidemic TİSK process as an opportunity for our country. The key here goes through production. At the point we call production, the most critical sector is the mining sector. There are 4,3 billion last year, Turkey's mineral exports. We think that it will be a great opportunity in the coming period thanks to the more efficient processing of reserves with technology and investments. he spoke.

Turkey Mine Workers Union President Nurettin Akçul healthy and safe work environment, the risks inherent in the risky sectors such as mining are expressing the need for the abolition, he said:

“We need to work in a planned, safe, disciplined and scientific way in order to define the risks correctly. It is necessary to ensure that the working environment is at the highest level. We will eliminate the pressure of production, we will think in a human-oriented way, not in accordance with legislation. We will mobilize all means to carry out production in a healthy, safe and peaceful environment. We all have an obligation to create a social consciousness and social responsibility. The public, employers' unions, trade associations, and academicians producing science in this field should cooperate with each other. "

Naci İlci, Chairman of the Board of Mining Industry Employers' Union (MASİS), stated that mining is an important and strategic sector that can determine the future of a country and said:

“Employment of approximately 130 thousand people, exports of 2020 billion dollars with November 3,8 figures and the share of mining in our gross domestic product, which has been around 1 percent for many years, do not reflect the real potential of Turkish mining. The power and entrepreneurship that can minimize the imports of mineral ore and mineral-based products, including gold imports amounting to 21,5 billion dollars, are abundant in the Turkish mining sector. Some needs and requirements that are not noticed in ordinary periods make their deficiencies felt much more severely during extraordinary periods such as the Kovid-19 epidemic. The rotation of the wheel in the industry, to meet the basic needs of economic strength in difficult times is achieved, in short, the presence of a strong mining sector is essential for economic fully independent Turkey. "

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