The 5 Most Effective Telegram Monitoring Apps!


Smartphones have changed our lives. It brought horizons closer and provided the opportunity to communicate with others on a large scale; With one click, you can call the person you want whenever you want. Technological development is a double-edged sword, despite its advantages, misuse of the Internet has a negative impact. From psychological issues that can affect children and adolescents, to physical and sexual violence, such as sexual harassment, rape, cyberbullying, and the publication of hate materials, or the non-censorship of adult and pornographic content, your children may be exposed to materials that promote violence or directly and indirectly harm them.

Telegram monitoring program It is the responsibility of the parents to monitor various activities of their children through the Internet, social media channels and instant messaging applications.

In this article, we will talk about 5 effective telegram monitoring apps!

MSpy ™ application - the best telegram tracking software!

MSpy ™ is an effective monitoring tool for tracking your children's online activities; It is the best telegram tracking software; It's the perfect app for not only tracking telegram, but also monitoring various activities of your kids through social media websites and instant messaging apps. And with the possibility to mark dangerous and safe places where your child is allowed to enter; You will receive periodic notifications as soon as your child enters any of these places. In addition, mSpy ™ - Telegram Monitor - has several benefits including:
Compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows and Mac devices.
Track multiple devices using a single account.

  • It is easy to install and use.
  • Determine your child's geographic range and current location using GPS.
  • Monitor call log, text message and browsing history.
  • Get instant alerts when any danger occurs.
  • Determine which apps your child can use.
  • The application icon can be hidden from the target device.
  • Track keyboard clicks and learn everything your child is typing.
  • Block harmful websites such as gambling sites, porn and games.
  • Various subscription packages according to your usage at an affordable price of $ 1 per day!
  • Real time data synchronization.
  • Take screenshots.
  • Browse videos, photos and multimedia.
  • Technical support in several languages ​​around the clock, seven days a week.

Highster Mobile app

It allows the user to track WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Viber, Skype and Telegram, track email, Instagram and track location using GPS and Google Map.

  • Capturing screenshots secretly.
  • Ability to monitor all calls and contacts.
  • Watch videos and photos on the target device.
  • View browsing history, calendar, and text messages.
  • Lifetime free updates when you purchase the program.

Flexispy application

Besides being a telegram tracking program, it is compatible with all Android, iPhone and iPad devices. It allows you to record text messages, find and record phone calls, monitor social networking sites and instant messaging apps, view and monitor videos, photos and email.

  • There are several different subscription packages available.
  • The ability to listen to calls in progress.
  • Record calls and ambient sounds.
  • See passwords used for emails and social media.
  • Control the camera remotely and take photos or record videos.
  • Determine location using GPS.

IKeyMonitor application

You can monitor SMS text messages, keystrokes, read incoming or outgoing messages through the Telegram app, monitor websites, view passwords, and view screenshots.

  • Monitor all text messages for all apps.
  • Keep track of all entered passwords, including secret ones.
  • Automatically take screenshots of the screen when changing the phone screen and viewing websites used
  • Multilingual support.
  • It is perfect for iPhones and iPads and requires jailbreak.
  • It does not have most of the features of the mSpy ™ application.

PhoneSheriff app

  • Compatible with Android, iPhone and iPad devices.
  • Record calls, monitor text messages and emails.
  • View videos, photos and browsing history.
  • Device use or calling is prohibited at certain times.
  • Determine the geographic scope.
  • Warnings about the use of certain keywords.

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