Is Electric Vehicles the Solution to the Transportation Problem?

Do electric vehicles solve the transportation problem?
Do electric vehicles solve the transportation problem?

It is known that fossil fueled vehicles cause environmental damage. Technology sought alternative solutions to this problem and decided that the Electric vehicle would do less harm to the environment. Major vehicle manufacturers have now stopped R&D for fossil fuel vehicles. Electric vehicles were shown as a solution to the transportation problem.

Is it really the solution? First of all, we need to find the answers to these questions.

1- When electric vehicles are used instead of fossil fueled vehicles, will the problem of traffic congestion be reduced?

2- Will huge budgets continue to be allocated for the construction of the parking lot and new roads? Will the maintenance costs of the old roads be reduced?

3- Will traffic accidents decrease?

4- How long will the electric vehicle battery life be? How much will the battery pack change cost?

5- How much will the recycling cost of the batteries be? For example, what will be the amount of battery waste that will occur after 25 years?

I do not want to elaborate on charging points, other possible problems in the network (harmonics, additional load on the network, possible damages to devices due to energy fluctuations), but a significant amount of these devices will probably be imported.

Investments that support individual transportation are not sustainable for our country, the environment and the economy.

Last word: The solution is in investments in public transport and public transport.

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