EGİAD Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in İzmir Was Discussed at the 79th EGE Meeting

Entrepreneurship ecosystem in Izmir was discussed at the egiad ege meeting
Entrepreneurship ecosystem in Izmir was discussed at the egiad ege meeting

Having turned into a brand for 30 years; bringing together many representatives from science, politics, economy, culture, bureaucracy and business world with young business people EGİAD-The Aegean Meeting was held online due to the pandemic. Informing its members first-hand with their guests from different fields, bringing the country's agenda to the table and introducing different perspectives EGİAD The guest of the Aegean Meeting this time was Simone Kaslowski, President of TÜSİAD Turkish Industrialists and Business People Association.

EGİAD The 79th Aegean Meeting, organized by the Aegean Young Businessmen Association, was held with the participation of over 100 business representatives. İZTO İzmir Chamber of Commerce and EGİAD The event, which was attended by Advisory Board Chairman Mahmut Özgener and TÜSİAD President Simone Kaslowski, EGİAD It started with the opening speech of the Chairman of the Board Mustafa Aslan.

Having started his speech by evaluating the socio-economic crisis created by the pandemic EGİAD Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mustafa Aslan, said, "How to overcome the negative impact on the socio-economic structure is still an unanswered question." Stating that the vaccine development efforts are promising and it is proud that one of the vaccine developers was Turkish, he said, “We have once again seen what our people can achieve when the necessary training and conditions are provided. We can talk about our health care system would be better but what made for a fact that there, where the health infrastructure with Turkey, gave a much better test than many other countries, "he said. Stating that there are some advantages that the pandemic brings to working life EGİAD President Aslan emphasized that the remote and technology-based working system, which took small steps before the epidemic, has now become an integral part of life, and said, “We did not experience a period when digital transformation affected the working environment, labor legislation, internal communication and stakeholder relations so much. After the epidemic, we can foresee that it will not be possible to completely abandon the convenience and working styles of digitalization and fit into the old methods and patterns. "Innovative working models where people can bring their brain power to work without physical limits will be an area where we need to transform our work culture." Noting that micro and small-scale companies were the most affected by the pandemic, Aslan continued his words as follows: “It is of great importance to continue supporting sectors where work life is deeply affected, especially in order to keep workplace closures and employment losses to a minimum. In this direction, it is very clear that we need financing in order for our economy to recover. For this, it is necessary to find external resources as well as our domestic capital. We can interpret the changes made at the top of the economy management in a recent period as a precursor of steps to be taken in this direction. Presidency of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, rhetoric of legal reform; giving it a new message to investors worldwide in the field of international finance, it seems to pull Turkey back to the first steps of strategy. To re-establish confidence in the Central Bank in this period, and to balance the fluctuations of the rate rise, it would be the slowing of inflation and high interest rates caused by hot money inflows to Turkey are considered. However, it should not be forgotten that; hot money is hot when coming and very cold when going. In other words, it is a temporary and safe money. The main thing is to increase the labor supply in the population with high quality and to make competitive production with high added value. However, this economic structure can increase both national, physical and intellectual capital and consequently social welfare. When we examine our export data, we cannot see high value-added production. We do not see an increase in value per product, but an increase in sales in terms of quantity. So, in this period, which is called a restructuring or reform period, it is necessary not only for our companies to survive the global epidemic, but to ensure that this exit is together with high competitive power. Touching on the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Izmir, Aslan has been the subject of entrepreneurship since 2011. EGİAD keep them at the top of their agenda, EGİAD Noting that the activities in this field are realized at the highest level through his angels, “We are carrying out activities aimed at raising awareness, providing trainings and spreading the concepts of entrepreneurship and angel investment by adding different projects every year. The first Angel Investment Network in Izmir and Aegean Region accredited by the Undersecretariat of Treasury EGİAD Angels Investment Network was established in 2015. At the same time, an NGO established in-house business people associations in Turkey as the first accredited angel investment network. EGİAD Angels have contacted more than 1500 entrepreneurs, organized 23 entrepreneur-angel investor meetings and invested in 14 venture projects so far. In addition to these, it also provides mentoring support to many entrepreneurs. It is very important to support the dissemination and development of entrepreneurship in our city and country. In this context, it has become an important reference point in entrepreneurship in the region. EGİAD; "It collaborates with many national and international stakeholders to develop entrepreneurship in the Aegean Region."

İZTO - İzmir Chamber of Commerce and EGİAD Advisory Board Chairman Mahmut Özgener started his speech by emphasizing that we are going through a period in which digital transformation has become widespread, and trends such as regionalization in foreign trade have accelerated with the increasing weight of automation and robots in production. Pandemic also touched upon the process of the effects of Özgener, he also underlines the fact that Turkey luxury of waiting areas in need of improvement in the economy in the process. Stating that they attach importance to the development of İzmir and drawing attention to the work of IzQ Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, Özgener continued his words as follows: “Our country has not been able to increase its per capita income for a while since it has not been able to move to a high quality and sustainable growth plateau. For this, innovative use of technology, more qualified workforce and a better quality institutional infrastructure are required. There are also important opportunities for İzmir at the point where the pandemic creates regional differences. İzmir is one of the most suitable cities for technology-based enterprises with its current manufacturing infrastructure, weight in foreign trade, entrepreneurial culture, educated workforce and social development level. As İzmir Chamber of Commerce, we see entrepreneurship as a development area. Green economy, technological innovation, digital transformation issues that need to be developed in the post-pandemic period, areas that can be developed within the entrepreneurship eco-system. Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Working Group put forth by the "entrepreneurial ecosystem in order to introduce a city in Turkey" The purpose of an issue we are quite excited. In the first days when we took office, we set a goal for this city to be "Izmir". We shape our projects within this framework. With the Innovation Center, we aim to attract companies that conduct R&D to İzmir and create an attractive environment for İzmir's transformation into an innovation city with the technological infrastructure and international connections they will bring to the city. In Izmir EGİAD We have achieved a good synergy with the institutions such as, which are actively involved in the ecosystem. We want to add strength to our strength by carrying this synergy outside of Izmir. It is very important for the ecosystem to have a network in a region such as Silicon Valley, which is the center of entrepreneurship. I believe that we can create a success story extending to Silicon Valley for our IzQ entrepreneurs with the projects we will carry out together. Izmir has many advantages in this sense. With its warm climate, safe city structure and accessible institutions, it offers an environment suitable for digital nomads to work. We can make İzmir a center of attraction for digital nomads in the post-pandemic period with the application of entrepreneur visa and facilitating services in obtaining residence and work permits. "

The online events that have occurred in the US from participating TUSIAD Turkish Industrialists and Business People Association President Simone Kaslowski, the normalization of Turkey's economy, noting that it is clear the need to be simplified to, and economic policy of transparency, "Although based economy with rational step being taken 1.5 months ago by take it easy, but signs sees Even though, I would like to remind you that we are just at the beginning of the road. On the one hand, the fact that the European economy has entered a period of repression due to the pandemic, and the need to fight against inflation rapidly, on the other hand, point to a very critical and at the same time difficult process that we need to take the right steps in the short term. I would like to remind you that the sine qua non for the correct functioning of both economy and economic policies is trust. While welcoming the recent steps taken, we must continue with the right steps, knowing that we are at the beginning of this difficult period and that it will take a long time to re-establish confidence in the economy. As a country and business world that has experienced, managed and overcome many crises before, we must take the necessary disciplined steps without despair. I am confident that if we move towards long-term strategies, adopt a rational administration and come to a more liberal line regarding fundamental rights and freedoms, we will be able to direct the energy of our country and society in an efficient and constructive direction ”.

Referring to the digital transformation process accelerated by the pandemic, Kaslowski said, “The widespread use of remote work is an opportunity to provide employment opportunities for young people from all over our country, especially in the field of software. In order to make use of this opportunity, we need to prepare for the skills that will be needed in the future, as well as meeting the skills needed today. While the jobs we do are changing completely with disruptive technologies, educational institutions-business dialogue and acting together are critical for the adaptation and employment of our people to this change. "It is necessary to improve the quality of education at all levels of education in accordance with the requirements of the digital world, to strengthen the scientific infrastructure and to make the right investment in human resources throughout life."

The evaluation also found in Izmir entrepreneurship for positioning Kaslowski, "our study we conducted for the development of Turkey's entrepreneurial ecosystem, the last two years EGİADWith the support of our company, we aimed to support the development of local ecosystems starting from the Aegean Region. For the past two years, TÜSİAD has a job in Bu Genclik! We carry out the Ege program with great enthusiasm, bringing young entrepreneurs from the Aegean Region together with the mentor network and ecosystem in parallel with the program in Istanbul. We aimed to reinforce these studies with the cooperation we developed with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. We have come to the end of our efforts to establish an Entrepreneurship Center in Izmir and to design a program that will provide solutions to the priority problems of the city. We believe that the center, which is planned to be opened at the beginning of 2021 with the support of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, will provide solutions to many problems not only in Izmir but also in the Aegean Region by entrepreneurs. This project will set an example for all municipalities in terms of showing how municipalities can play a critical role in the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem ”.

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