Flash Statement About Friday Prayer From Diyanet

Flask statement about friday prayer
Flask statement about friday prayer

The Supreme Board of Religious Affairs made a statement regarding the Friday prayer to be performed in adverse winter weather conditions during the Kovid-19 outbreak.

Due to the combination of epidemic measures and unfavorable weather conditions and the recent increase in the number of cases, the following explanation has been required:

The religion of Islam has made very clear provisions for the protection of life and health and the elimination of things that may harm them. Muslims are obliged to fulfill the requirements of these provisions and to take relevant measures. It is a requirement of our religion to take the necessary precautions especially against infectious diseases.

In addition, it is a known provision that diseases are an excuse that removes the obligation of some worship. In this context, one of the conditions for being obliged to perform the Friday prayer is that there is no excuse preventing participation in the congregation. The existence of a legitimate excuse makes the Friday prayer less obligatory. In addition to unfavorable weather conditions such as illness, heavy rain, extreme heat and cold, epidemics are also within the scope of such excuses that reduce the fard of Friday.

Measures related to the Kovid-19 epidemic affecting the whole world, combined with the unfavorable weather conditions brought by the winter season, can cause some of the congregation to be unable to find a place in the mosque and to perform the Friday prayer. It is not right for those who cannot find a place in the mosque to meet the distance requirement to enter in a way that endangers both themselves and the congregation. In this way, it is obligatory to perform the noon prayer for those who cannot perform the Friday prayer, as in other legitimate excuses. Therefore, people in this situation are obliged to perform the noon prayer wherever possible. Hz. This is the decree that is known to be fixed in the time of the Prophet (pbuh) and has been applied in alliance until today.

Here, once again and with great emphasis, it is religiously obligatory for those suffering from contagious epidemics and those in contact with them not to join the congregation and to comply with the quarantine conditions.



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