Derbent Roads Modernize

derbent roads are modernizing
derbent roads are modernizing

Road maintenance, repair and improvement works were carried out by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality on two important streets in Kartepe district Derbent region. 1800 meters of asphalt pavement was made in Derbent Fatih and Doğukan Streets, which are public transportation routes. Thus, the two streets have been made more comfortable and safe.


The Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to make the roads at all points throughout the city more modern. In this context, road works were carried out on the streets on an important route in Kartepe District Derbent.


In this context, the Metropolitan Municipality laid the foundation of 1400 tons of pilent mix, which is the basis of the road, to reinforce the asphalt on Fatih Street. Following this process, Fatih Street will be made more comfortable and safe with 1800 tons of asphalt to be laid on the street. The previous broken road of Fatih Street was scraped with the Tramer machine. The teams that make a pilent mix foundation laying on the excavated road will complete the superstructure by asphalting the street.


Completing the superstructure works on Derbent Doğukan Street, the Metropolitan Municipality laid 2800 tons of pilent mix base and 1400 tons of asphalt on the street. Doğukan Caddesi will gain a brand new face with the completion of the pavement parquet border works.



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