Is A Ski Center Coming To Çukurova?

Is it coming to cukurovaya ski center?
Is it coming to cukurovaya ski center?

Is there a ski center that will be the eye of Çukurova and raise the tourism bar of the region in an area of ​​175 thousand square meters in Pozantı district of Adana and receiving the most intense snowfall in the region?

Located within the boundaries of Pozantı district of Adana and having an area of ​​approximately 175 thousand square meters, Elmalı Boğazı area stands out as one of the regions with the highest snowfall around Adana and Mersin.

In addition to heavy snowfall, Elmalı Strait is an area suitable for easy establishment of ski center and winter sports infrastructure thanks to its close distance of 12 km to the Ankara-Adana highway and also its flat and convenient ground. In the past years, with a report submitted to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, steps were taken to establish a 'Ski Center' in the region, and even the construction of the hotel was started in this context, but this project could not be implemented due to prolonged bureaucratic procedures and the abandonment of the project.

With these natural beauties and opportunities of Elmalı strait, within the framework of a beautiful project, this region has been transformed into national and international tourism. kazanPozantı Mayor Mustafa Çay organized an expedition to the region with professional promotion teams and municipal officials from Adana for the promotion of the region. The promotion team provides photographs, videos, etc. to be used in the promotion of the region. He took the necessary information about the region from Mayor Çay by taking both ground and aerial images for the materials. This first visit, in which the promotion team was observed to be amazed by both the natural atmosphere and the natural beauties of the region, revealed that the hopes for the planned ski resort in the future are very high.


Speaking in the region, Pozantı Mayor Mustafa Çay said the following;

We are in the region known as Elmalı Strait between Gülek and Akçatekir, which is 10 kilometers away from Akçatekir Plateau of Pozantı. Turkey now living in many places snow was not serious drought situation. But there is an amazing profit at the point we are today.

It is not possible to find a land that can establish such a wide plain in any place and region of Pozantı. It was as if God specially created this place to be a ski resort and left it. However, we did not see this, we did not want to see it. In the past, in order to make tourism investments here, some investment money was taken, possibly by taking a loan from the state, and an idle hotel building with three or four floors was left unfinished and ran away.

Today, I cry out as the Mayor of Pozantı from here. I am calling out to our esteemed governor, regional parliamentarians, our ministry of tourism and our government. For God's sake, even the ski slope, which is so well prepared and does not require major excavation work, is ready. In particular, there is a continuous snow here that does not stop here until April.


Pozantı Mayor Mustafa Çay, who aims to serve the people of the region, said, "If we want to revive Çukurova, which is so beautiful and regressed at a place 10 kilometers from the main road, if we want to open it to tourism, if we want to give peace to the people of the region in this nature, please hear our voice. We now want this region to be a ski center. We also want to increase the economic value of our region in terms of tourism. We want to bring mobility and vitality. We also want to reveal an unseen value of our country. This is our only effort. We're not saying let's do it. We are not saying we have money. We do not expect any profit from here. Whoever does it! Whether it is build-operate-transfer or the state by the state. But this place please kazanbe shouted. Hear our cry and see this beauty.” Said.

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