Certificate of Appreciation for the Personnel Completing their 10th Year within SAMULAŞ

certificate of appreciation for the staff who completed their year in samulas
certificate of appreciation for the staff who completed their year in samulas

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir, SAMULAŞ A.Ş. rewarded the personnel who completed their 10th year. President Demir, who presented a certificate of appreciation to 123 employees, gave Samsunspor jersey as a gift.

SAMULAŞ A.Ş. rewarded its personnel in its 10th anniversary. SAMULAŞ, which offers comfortable transportation to the public both on trams and buses, increases its quality every day. While the institution achieved significant success with the devotion of its personnel, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir did not forget his veteran employees. Mayor Demir invited the staff who completed their 10th year by adding day and night from the day the line was put into service and honored 123 employees with a certificate of appreciation. President Demir also gave a souvenir photo by presenting a Samsunspor shirt.

Expressing his feelings in the program attended by SAMULAŞ General Manager Enver Sedat Tamgacı, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Demir thanked all employees. Reminding that SAMULAŞ provides travel services to an average of 100 thousand people a day, Mayor Demir said, “We provide healthy transportation service to our people day and night with you, with its superior technological infrastructure, equipped and well-trained. In this sense, your effort is great. As Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, we will continue the transportation investments and services in our city. " he spoke.

Stating that SAMULAŞ has made very important contributions to its mission of being a city where people live in a quality city life and happy and peaceful lives, Mayor Demir said, “Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and SAMULAŞ overcome all the negativities and provide the best service to the people of Samsun in line with the goals and principles set in the field of modern transportation, "It will continue to add value to the city from now on."

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