Wondering About Bypass Surgery

Wondering about bypass surgery
Wondering about bypass surgery

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Cardiovascular diseases are an important public health problem that seriously affects the quality of life due to the many diseases it brings together. Cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of deaths not related to communicable diseases worldwide, and approximately 18 million people die every year due to this reason.

As the incidence of cardiovascular diseases increases, bypass surgery is frequently applied in parallel. Applied to maintain the vitality of the region where the feeding arteries, coronary bypass is a surgical procedure that Turkey Business Bank subsidiary flourishing Icerenkoy Hospital and Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Professor Dr. Fuat Büyükbayrak announced the curious ones.

Bypass is applied as a surgical method applied to preserve the vitality of the area fed by the artery as a result of narrowing or occlusion in a certain area of ​​the artery. A sufficient amount of blood is delivered to the area where the artery is nourished by the bypass, which is carried out through veins prepared from another part of the body, beyond the occluded part of the artery. Coronary bypass surgery is performed as a result of the occlusion of the arteries called coronary vessels that feed the heart.


"If there is an alternative treatment method that can be applied instead of coronary bypass operation, the patient must be informed." he's Turkey Business Bank subsidiary flourishing Icerenkoy Hospital and Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Professor Dr. Fuat Büyükbayraktransferred the situations that required bypass surgery. These:

  • Although the main coronary stenosis, which feeds a large area, was previously opened by stent or balloon angioplasty methods, the obstruction recurred,
  • More than one coronary vessel cannot be opened with non-surgical methods (balloon-stent),
  • One or more vessels are re-occluded even though they were previously opened with non-surgical methods,
  • In the disease of one or more coronary arteries in cases requiring heart valve surgery


Saying that there is a risk in bypass surgery as in all surgical operations prof. Dr. Fuat BuyukbayrakHowever, he stated that this risk is limited to about 1%. He added that the age and gender of the patient, whether there is a loss of strength in the heart muscle due to a previous infarction or dysfunction of the heart muscle, whether there is an additional disorder in the heart valves and whether there is a loss of function in other systems other than the circulatory system are also important.


Stating that the normal function of the heart muscle will be maintained with coronary bypass operation, but the existing vascular stiffness will continue. Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Fuat BüyükbayrakHe emphasized that it is important to keep the weight and cholesterol levels under control, such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, which cause atherosclerosis after surgery.

Prof. Dr. Big Flag, Stating the importance of the patient's involvement in daily life as much as possible, he listed the things that should be done after surgery:

  • If smoking, it must be quit.
  • Medicines should be used regularly.
  • White meat should be eaten once or twice a week.
  • Foods that protect heart health should be consumed in abundance.
  • Help from nutrition and diet experts should be sought to lose excess weight as soon as possible.
  • The required dose of cholesterol medication should be used.
  • Rehabilitation sessions should be attended after bypass.
  • Heavy sports should be avoided. Swimming can be practiced frequently, as it is a sport that works all the muscles in the body and can also exercise breathing. Activities such as table tennis and dance that can be done with the partner also contribute to the health and socialization of the patient.
  • If possible, regular nature walks should be done in open and fresh air.
  • Must go to routine cardiology examinations. WHEN SHOULD BYPASS SURGERY?

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