BozankayaSign the Contract for 28 Vehicles to be Produced for Kocaeli Metro

bozankaya Sign the contract for the vehicle you will produce for the Kocaeli metro
bozankaya Sign the contract for the vehicle you will produce for the Kocaeli metro

Turkey has come a long way in rail systems. This item, which used to cause billions of lira loss of foreign exchange, has been largely localized.

Although some of our municipalities buy vehicles of foreign origin, companies in our country have now started to produce all kinds of rail system vehicles.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipalityinitiated by, then Ministry of Transport and Infrastructureundertook the construction of Gebze Darica Metroof 28 vehicle purchase auctionsni Ankara based Bozankaya firm kazanwas.

The tender was held in July. If your result Public procurement institution We see that it became official after its approval.

Bozankaya, 'Turkey's first metro Bozankaya'from' the development announced with the title, “We signed the contract for the design and production of 28 subway trains to be produced at our Ankara facilities for Kocaeli. It will be approximately 90 meters long and have a capacity of at least 1.080 passengers. Bozankaya subway vehicles will be delivered in the last quarter of 2022. " adding lines Turkeyannounced to.

Indigenousization needs to spread to almost every sector.

Bozankaya for metro vehicle German Siemens Even if it cooperates with TurkeyIt is pleasing that it is produced in.

About 350 million poundswho won the tender BozankayaWe can say that thus, a large foreign currency loss is prevented.

Source: İhsan Aydın / Olay

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