Minister Institution: 'We Are Taking The Steps Of The Channel Istanbul Project'

we are taking the steps of the ministry institution channel istanbul project
we are taking the steps of the ministry institution channel istanbul project

📩 14/12/2020 14:27

The Minister of Environment and Urbanization made statements regarding the 2021 budget of the Ministry at the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Minister Kurum drew attention to earthquake and urban transformation and said, “Earthquake and urban transformation are common issues for all of us, it is a supra-political issue. Yesterday in Düzce, Kocaeli, Van and Bingöl; Today, we have to be together in Elazig, Malatya, Izmir, just like we were together after the earthquakes, in the preparation for the earthquake. " said.

Stating that 2020 is the year of exams and accounting for the world, the Minister Kurum said that the world is going through a difficult period due to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic. in particular the advanced state nearly 100 years the environment, nature and biodiversity give their irreversible consequences of the loss of the most dramatic form of interest stated that during the 2020 Agency of Turkey, unlike these countries, always stressed that a responsible to the environment and nature's equilibrium countries.

“Each of our 81 cities is our body, and the environment and nature are our souls. We see the environment and the city as parts of a whole. " The Institution said that they preserve the environment, nation gardens, ecological corridors, climate change action plans, Zero Waste Movement, and the natural protected areas that they increase their surface area day by day and carry them to the future. The institution stated that they regard cities as 81 separate centers of goodness, beauty, arts, culture, sports and health and that they work with this understanding.

"Earthquake Transformation Is As Important As The Fight Against Terrorism"

Stating that they put environmental sensitivity and horizontal urbanization at the center of the works while preparing cities for disasters, the heritage of civilization, Kurum continued his words as follows: “In 2020, we experienced devastating earthquakes in Elazig, Malatya and most recently in Izmir. We lost 158 ​​lives in these earthquakes. I wish mercy from Allah and urgent healing to the wounded, to all our citizens that we lost. Our state mobilized under the leadership of our President, with our ministries, TOKI, our Bank of Provinces, our Gendarmerie, our AFAD, our UMKE, our Red Crescent, all non-governmental organizations, volunteers and our citizens to heal the wounds of our earthquake victims. We quickly initiated our search and rescue, damage assessment and conversion efforts in all three provinces. We quickly started the construction processes of our 26 thousand new homes, 5 thousand in Elazig and Malatya and 31 thousand in Izmir. In a short time like 8 months, we delivered our 3 thousand residences in Elazig and Malatya to our citizens. We quickly prepared our projects in Izmir and as of yesterday we also held our first tender. I hope that next year, we will be delivering their residences to our citizens in Izmir, Malatya and Elazig. As we have always stated, earthquake transformation is as important as fighting terrorism. Unfortunately, 71 percent of our population lives in risky areas today and 100 thousand of our citizens died in earthquakes in the last 80 years. Yesterday in Düzce, Kocaeli, Van and Bingöl; Today, we have to be together in Elazig, Malatya, Izmir, just as we were together after the earthquakes, in the preparation for the earthquake. Earthquake and urban transformation is a common issue for all of us, it is an issue above politics. "

"We Have Spent More Than The Earthquake Tax On Earthquake Zones"

Emphasizing that there is not a single penny or a single broken coin that the state cannot account for, the Institution said, “In 17 years, our state has spent many more of the earthquake tax collected in earthquake zones, earthquake victims, within the scope of earthquake preparedness, reinforcement, expropriation and precautionary works. After the 1999 earthquake, 80 thousand permanent residences were built and delivered for our earthquake victims. Our President, in 2012, urban renewal fee every political mobilization that started taking our eye in Istanbul in Turkey Around the Urban Transformation 'we further accelerate the move. We have completed the transformation of 2012 million houses in the country since 1,5. he spoke.

Stating that they have ensured the safety of life and property of 6 million citizens living here, the Institution said, “We have inspected 2001 million independent departments since 6 with our building inspection system and within this framework, we have ensured that 24 million citizens live in earthquake-resistant houses. I would like to underline the following point here: In the determinations we made in Elazig and Izmir earthquakes, we saw that most of the heavily damaged or collapsed buildings were unhealthy buildings built before 1999, and this is again a result of the measures we took after the 99 earthquake and the building inspection studies. said.

Stating that 18 million citizens live in 975 thousand houses built by TOKİ in 4 years, the Institution said that they have delivered 80 thousand houses in the last two years. The Institution said, “I hope we will complete our 1 millionth residence and deliver the turnkey at the beginning of 2021 with the honor of our President and it will be the first in the world. Construction of one million houses by a public administration. " he spoke.

Istanbul Transforms

Stating that the priority in urban transformation is determined not by the value of the land, but by the weakness of the building, Kurum said, “In this context, we work in 10 risky areas of 64 million square meters in Istanbul alone. Beyoğlu Okmeydanı, Gaziosmanpaşa, Güngören Tozkoparan, Bağcılar, Esenler, Ataşehir and Üsküdar are just a few of the projects we have been carrying out urban transformation projects in these areas. found the assessment.

Minister Institution said, “We are currently renovating 370 thousand buildings consisting of 72 thousand independent units in Istanbul with the status of risky building. Of these, we have completed the demolition of 310 thousand 791 unhealthy houses, and our new safe and healthy residences and homes are rising rapidly in these areas. We are carrying out 22 urban transformation projects in 41 districts of Istanbul only with our TOKI Presidency. In this context, we designed 85 thousand residences. In the last 8 months, we laid the foundations of 10 thousand houses in Istanbul. We started our urban transformation project with 60 thousand residences in Esenler, which we think is very important especially for the transformation of Istanbul and will be the first and only in the world. We are carrying out a similar one of this great transformation project that we started on the European side of Istanbul on the Anatolian side. " said.

Work Started for New Fikirtepe

Referring to the work that started again in Fikirtepe with the cooperation of the Institution, Ministry, TOKI and Emlak Konut, he said:

“With the instructions of our President, we took steps to end the victimization of our citizens in Fikirtepe. We are also starting the construction of 60 thousand residences with an investment value of 5 billion Turkish lira, together with the New Fikirtepe Project, which directly concerns our 15 thousand citizens. We healed the wounds of our cities, which were damaged by the terrorist incidents in our Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions. We handed over 26 thousand houses, including social facilities, to our brothers and sisters who are victims of terrorism. Currently, the construction of our 81 thousand residences and urban transformation houses with an investment value of 272 billion lira, together with their social facilities, continues throughout the country. In 2021, we will start our urban transformation and social housing project with a total cost of 25 billion lira, with 80 thousand residences. I underline this place strongly. In the last 18 years, in the urban transformation carried out by the public and private sectors, we have secured 65 percent of the buildings in our country with our TOKI residences and the building control system, and we have secured more than 54 million citizens against disasters. "

"We Are Taking The Steps Of The Kanal Istanbul Project"

Minister Murat Kurum said, “We are implementing the biggest transformation project of our Republican history. Istanbul will protect our Bosphorus; the nation and the garden will be Turkey's most environmentally-friendly projects with ecological corridors Canal Istanbul Project, we are taking the steps. " said.

In its speech regarding the 2021 budget, the Authority said that they started construction of 118 houses in Trabzon Araklı, which is under the risk of floods and landslides, and 570 houses in Giresun Bulancak.

Stating that they started the New Dereli Project in Giresun by pulling it from the creek route above the flood elevation without any risk of flooding, the Institution said, "I hope we will build the new Dereli in 2021 and deliver it to our citizens." he spoke.

Stating that they are reviving the historical city centers in accordance with the original, Kurum said, "We started the project that reflects our history, culture and civilization on an area of ​​100 decares in Ankara Saraçoğlu." used the expression.

The institution is in Hergelen Square in Ankara; In Konya Mevlana Square; He noted that they are carrying out important projects in Bursa, Erzurum, Kayseri, Yozgat, Kastamonu, Diyarbakır, Niğde, Muş, Kütahya, Sinop and Zonguldak. The institution said that they carried out a very important transformation project in and around Balıkesir Zağnos Pasha Mosque.

"There is No Obstacle to Urban Transformation"

Emphasizing that there are no obstacles to urban transformation, the Authority said, “Our municipalities have no obstacles in detection, demolition and construction. The issue is to make determinations about urban transformation, to make decisions, to take initiative and to act. In this sense, I invite all municipalities to be much more active in urban transformation, and I would like to promise that we, as the ministry, will provide all kinds of support for urban transformation, without discriminating any of our 83 million citizens. " said.

Combating Climate Change

Drawing attention to the fact that 2020 will be the hottest year in history, the institution said, “In 2040, it may not snow anywhere in the world. Turkey today, not at the point of dressing treatments to combat global climate change will eliminate the main problem is taking resolute steps. Our country, which is located in the Mediterranean Basin, has experienced and continues to experience the effects of climate change such as floods, landslides, storms and droughts. In order to prevent further losses due to these disasters, we implemented our national climate change plans of 541 items and regional climate change plans of 7 items for our 133 regions. " he spoke.

"We Prevented Two Billion Tons of Greenhouse Gas Emission"

Stating that they will join hands with the municipalities and make cities more compatible with the environment and nature, the Institution said, “Here, our Zero Waste Project, initiated by Mrs. Emine Erdoğan in 2017, is the biggest and most precious step taken for our country and our world. To date, we have established our zero waste system in our 58 thousand institutions and organizations building. We recycled over 17 million tons of recyclable waste. We achieved 17 billion TL economic gain and 343 million tons of water savings. We prevented two billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions. We reduced the use of plastic bags by 80 percent and prevented the generation of 190 thousand tons of plastic waste. Hopefully, all in Turkey until 2023, we established the Zero Waste System. " said.

The Minister Institution stated that by increasing the recovery rate to 35 percent, they will meet the raw material needs of the recycling sector from their own resources. Parliament would remove a very important law on environmentalism this year and Turkey Environment Agency's establishment will mark our institution, "In this context, the Deposit Refund System effectively, will be managed from a single center and expanded quickly zero waste practices." he spoke.

The Authority stated that in 2020, they carried out 34 thousand environmental audits to prevent environmental pollution and imposed an administrative fine of 227 million TL on the facilities. The institution noted that in the last 18 years, with Iller Bank, they provided financial support of 118 billion lira to local governments.

4 Ecological Lines

Emphasizing that “81 million square meters of nation garden in 81 provinces and ecological corridor projects in 22 provinces” shared by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the institution continues rapidly, “In this context, from Ankara to Kızılırmak Delta in the Black Sea, to Foça in the Aegean, We are creating four ecological lines, from Patara in the Mediterranean to Lake Van in Eastern Anatolia. " gave the information.

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the Institution, explained that they have built 78 national gardens with a size of 50 million square meters and 16 billion TL in 278 provinces, and that they have completed 42 of them, and that they will complete the others as soon as possible.

Stating that they have increased the protected area size by 1 percent in the last two years from 9,6 percent to 10,6 percent, the Authority stated that they are working day and night to increase this rate to 17 percent, which is the OECD data.

Following the presentations at the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, the budget of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization was approved.

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