Eurasia Tunnel Receives Its 13th International Award

Eurasian tunnel can't get enough of awards
Eurasian tunnel can't get enough of awards

One of the world's most successful engineering projects, the pioneer of innovative and smart technologies, one of the most prestigious projects in Turkey, the Eurasia Tunnel, opened by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure on December 20, 2016, received the "International Innovation Award" given by Enterprise Asia. kazanIt received its 13th International Award.

Received the Innovation Award in the category of `` Service and Solution ''

The Eurasia Tunnel, which connects the continents of Asia and Europe from under the sea floor, won the recognition of the world's most respected institutions with its innovative technologies, as well as its pioneering work in the field of tunneling, as well as its financing structure planned for the benefit of all its stakeholders. kazanyeast continues.

By connecting the Asian and European continents of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure under the sea floor, the Eurasia Tunnel, which breathes into the D-100 road and Coastal Road traffic, one of the busiest traffic axes of Istanbul, received an award in the "Service and Solution" category within the scope of the "International Innovation Awards" held annually to reward innovative companies.

Eurasia Tunnel received its 13th International award

Eurasia Tunnel, which has achieved a new success with its 13th award with its Speed ​​Regulating Moving Lighting Technology, aims to stabilize vehicle speeds, relieve traffic flow, reduce the risk of accidents by maintaining distances and contribute to the environment by reducing exhaust gases caused by sudden speed changes. .

A system that can be adjusted to suit various scenarios was developed.

It was seen that this technology, recommended by the World Road Organization (PIARC) and found to provide great benefits in similar projects as a result of literature research, can reduce traffic congestion by up to 90 percent. The application, which operates at a speed of 70 km, consists of the lighting moving synchronously on the ceiling by means of LED tubes. In addition, the system allows the speed, size and gap distance of the lighting to work in various scenarios. The application, which started 500 meters before the deepest point in the direction of Europe-Asia, where the average decrease in traffic speed was detected in the tunnel, covers a 1,5-kilometer route, one thousand meters at the exit from the deepest point.

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