Agreement of 38.2 Million Dollars from ASELSAN

million dollar deal from aselsan
million dollar deal from aselsan

ASELSAN signed a contract with an international customer for the export of remote control and stabilization systems

In the notification made by ASELSAN to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) on December 31, 2020, it was announced that the contract with an approximate value of 38 million dollars was signed. The contract in question was signed between an international customer and ASELSAN, and deliveries are planned to be made by the end of 2021. No official statement has been made about who the customer is.

In the notification made by ASELSAN to KAP, “Between ASELSAN and an international customer; For the export of command and control system, anti-tank missile launch systems, inertial navigation systems and firing point detection systems, an international sales contract with a total value of US $ 38.266.780 was signed. Within the scope of the contract in question, deliveries will be made in 2021. " expressions were included.

Potential Customer: Qatar

Within the scope of the aforementioned contract, ASELSAN will supply the customer with the SERDAR Anti-Tank Missile System and the SEDA firing location detection system. The user country is likely to be Qatar. SERDAR and SEDA systems are used in Ejder Yalçın TTZA's exported to Qatar by Nurol Makina. In addition, Qatar Armed Forces had signed a contract from Nurol Makina for the supply of additional Ejder Yalçın.

A contract was previously signed between Nurol Makina and Qatar for the supply of 100 pieces of Yörük 4 × 4 and 400 pieces of Ejder Yalçın. Within the scope of the contract, Sarp Dual was exported with Ejder Yalçın, NMS 4 × 4 vehicles, which stand out with their modular design, as well as the IGLA Missile Launching System and Anti-Tank Missile Launcher System.

Nurol Makina was preferred again for armored vehicles to be supplied for the Qatar Army. Deliveries will take place in "two" batches; It was announced that the first batch would be delivered in 2021 and the second batch in 2022. It is stated that the armored vehicles to be preferred from Nurol Makina will be Ejder Yalçın and Yörük 4 × 4.

SERDAR Anti-Tank Missile System

ASELSAN Anti-Tank Missile System is a weapon system that will provide high efficiency against land targets in all weather conditions, day and night, thanks to its computer-controlled fire control capabilities designed to minimize user interaction. The system is a remotely controlled and stabilized Weapon Platform that can carry 2/4 anti-tank missiles (SKIF, KORNET etc.). The system can be adapted to carry the amount of missiles required by the customer. In addition to the missiles, 7.62 mm and / or 12.7 mm machine guns for close protection can be integrated into the system.

The system is lightweight, low-volume and suitable for integration with both newly produced and highly mobile vehicles in the inventory, significantly increasing the destruction capability of the relevant vehicles. The system can be used through an operator panel in the vehicle.

SEDA Gunshot Detection System

SEDA Sniper Detection System is designed by ASELSAN in three different configurations (Fixed Facility, On Vehicle and Single-Arm Wearable) to meet the need for shooter location detection against supersonic armed attacks against mobile / fixed units in all weather conditions. It is an improved system.

Usage areas

  • Operations Carried Out by Security Units
  • Critical Facility Security
  • Personnel Safety
  • Convoy Security
  • Large Participation Meeting / Meeting etc. Organizations

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