Why Does Bad Smell Coming From Vehicle Air Conditioning and How To Eliminate It?

Why Bad Odor Comes From Vehicle Air Conditioner and How To Eliminate It
Why Bad Odor Comes From Vehicle Air Conditioner and How To Eliminate It

The most common cause of heavy odors from auto air conditioning is bacteria that accumulate in the air conditioning system over time. These bacteria usually multiply in cold, humid and dark environments. The internal structure of air conditioning systems fully meets these features. Vehicle air conditioning systems have air conditioning filters against the growth of these bacteria. However, these filters wear out over time and after a while they start not working as well as before. This causes bacteria to multiply and the spread of unpleasant odors in the vehicle.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your air conditioner is very important for your health and the life of your air conditioner.

Bacteria accumulating in the air conditioning system can grow and multiply very quickly in humid and dark environments. The interior of the air conditioner fully provides these ambient conditions. In fact, there are some air conditioner filters against these bacteria in your car's air conditioning systems, but over time these filters begin to lose their function and start to function. And as a result, bacteria multiply rapidly, disrupting the air quality in the vehicle, causing bad odor to the environment.

Dirt and dust accumulated by adhering to the air conditioner filter over time can cause bad odor to spread from inside your air conditioner. As the general system operation, the air conditioner gives the air supplied from the outside at a certain temperature and accumulates the dust in the air taken from the outside in its own content. If air conditioner maintenance is not done for a long time, these dusts accumulate in the air conditioner and after a while, it is reflected in the vehicle as a bad smell. Together with the bad smell, it can give the air it gives into the vehicle as dusty. And this is disturbing for you by deteriorating the quality of the air.

Pollen filter replacement is therefore very important. Pollen filter is a filter that keeps the dust in the air supplied from outside as required by the system. If you are a driver who uses the air conditioner a lot and you have not changed the filter for a long time, it may be the cause of bad smells. Here you need to clean or replace the filter. In general, it is recommended by experts to replace the pollen filter instead of cleaning it.

Another reason can be animals hiding in the engine compartment of your vehicles. Small sized animals can get stuck in the air conditioner honeycomb in the engine part and cannot get out, so the animals can die there. Checking this place before using your vehicle can both prevent odors that may occur in your vehicle and save the animal there.

When the animals die, their bodies that remain there rot and create odor, and this scent is released into the vehicle through air conditioning systems. In fact, this rotten odor is noticeable because it is quite high.

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