Number of Foreign Visitor Arrivals to Turkey This Year Decrease of 71,95 Percent

nearly million monthly visitors entertained turkey
nearly million monthly visitors entertained turkey

Culture and Tourism Ministry, until December of this year, Turkey has reported that 14 million 486 thousand 632 people visited.

According to a statement from the Ministry, the January-November period this year, 12 million 34 thousand 883 foreign visitors arrived in Turkey.

Whether you live abroad in January-September came to Turkey 2 million 451 thousand 749 people were added to the number of visitors in the 11 months of this year reached 14 million 486 thousand 632'y.

under the influence of a new type of coronavirus world (Kovid-19) compared to last year due to the outbreak of the 11-month period there was a decrease in the number of foreign visitors to Turkey 71,95 percent this year.

countries sending the most visitors to Turkey in January-November, the Russian Federation was 2 million 38 thousand 380 people. In the same period, 1 million 140 thousand 739 visitors from Bulgaria and 1 million 71 thousand 782 visitors came from Germany. Ukraine and England followed Germany in the ranking of countries sending the most visitors.

November Data

The number of visitors arriving in Turkey in November compared to the same month of the previous year decreased 61,93 percent. Turkey has hosted 883 thousand 991 foreign visitors in November.

In the list of countries that sent the most visitors in November 2020, Bulgaria was the first with 143 thousand 269 people, the Russian Federation was the second with 127 thousand 116 people, and Iraq was the third with 48 thousand 748 people. Ukraine and Germany followed Iraq.

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