Traffic Lights Will Speak For The Visually Impaired In Antalya

Traffic lights will speak for the visually impaired in Antalya
Traffic lights will speak for the visually impaired in Antalya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has implemented the Acoustic Audible Pedestrian Warning Device system at traffic lights to make it safe and easy for visually impaired individuals to cross the street. The application was first established in Cumhuriyet Mahallesi where the White Cane Visually Impaired Association is located.

Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department continues its efforts to facilitate the lives of disabled citizens. The Acoustic Audio Pedestrian Warning Device, which allows disabled individuals to move safely and cross the street without any problems in traffic, was first installed at the traffic lights on Akıncı Street in Cumhuriyet Mahallesi.


The teams of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department Traffic Branch Directorate, who took action in line with the request of the White Cane Association of the Visually Impaired, installed the first audible signaling system at the traffic lights in Muratpaşa District Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Akıncı Caddesi. The device installed on the traffic lights tells the color of the traffic lights, as well as audible warnings that they can pass safely to the person waiting at that moment or that they should stop. It is aimed to place the same system at all traffic lights by expanding the application phase phase.


Kamil Çam, President of the White Cane Visually Impaired Association, stated that with this system, it became safe for a visually impaired to cross the street, saying, “Akıncı Street, where our association building is located, is a place with heavy traffic flow. Visually impaired individuals had a hard time when they wanted to cross the road. They faced dangers in the flowing traffic. We talked to our Metropolitan Municipality and requested an audible traffic light. This request was answered quickly and the device was installed. Now, a visually impaired citizen can cross the street alone and safely using light alone. This work was very important to us. “We would like to thank Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Böcek and his team for hearing our voice”.


The Acoustic Audible Pedestrian Warning Device, integrated into the traffic lights, operates non-contact in accordance with pandemic measures. The disabled person who wants to cross the road brings his palm closer to the device without touching it. The device says in the form of an audible warning that the pass request has been received and the red light is on. The device then gives an audible warning that the green light is on and pedestrians may cross the road.



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