Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Continues Its Support to Taxi Drivers

ankara metropolitan municipality continues to support taxi drivers
ankara metropolitan municipality continues to support taxi drivers

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality did not leave the 4 thousand 7 taxi tradesmen who came to calibrate their taximeters at 700 points of the capital. From the early hours of the morning, Ankara Police distributed water, tea and soup to the taxi driver tradesmen who formed long queues to calibrate their taximeters, and distributed hygiene kits. Metropolitan Municipality, which continued its hygiene support during the pandemic process, also disinfected the taxis.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has provided free hygiene support to the capital's artisans and citizens to protect the public health since the first day of the coronavirus epidemic, continues to work uninterruptedly during the curfew on weekends.

The Ankara Police, which did not leave the taxi drivers alone, who had their taximeters calibrated at 4 points of the capital, offered tea, water and hot soup to the taxi driver tradesmen waiting in cold weather.


The taxis in Altındağ İskitler, Election Street, Yenimahalle Tazminat Caddesi and Yayın Street where the calibration process is applied are Metropolitan Municipality BELPLAS A.Ş. It was also disinfected by its teams.

Following the hygiene support works for taxi driver tradesmen on site in Altındağ İskitler, Metropolitan Municipality Police Department Head Mustafa Koç made the following evaluations:

“From Friday evening to Sunday evening, taximeter adjustment is made for 4 thousand 7 taxis at 700 different points in Ankara. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we thought about what we could do for our taxi driver tradesmen in curfew. We disinfect the vehicles of our tradesmen who come to have their taximeters adjusted, and offer treats such as tea, water and soup in the tents. We distribute disinfectants and masks. As always, we are trying to be with our tradesmen. In this way, we think we can contribute to the health of our fellow citizens. "

Cevdet Kavlak, Deputy Chairman of Ankara Public Automobile and Drivers Chamber of Tradesmen, stated that the Metropolitan Municipality has provided all kinds of hygiene support since the first day of the pandemic.

“We have started the taximeter adjustment process for our taxis. We would like to thank the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Mansur Yavaş and his entire team, who provided us with all kinds of logistic support at 4 different points, provided masks and disinfectant support to our tradesmen and ensured the disinfection of our vehicles. "


The taxi driver tradesmen thanked the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality for their support for the tradesmen with the measures taken in the capital and expressed their satisfaction with the following words:

  • Ali Catikkas: "We would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Municipality for applying transparent panels, which are of great importance for public health, to our taxis free of charge, and for their hygiene support."
  • Sinan Unsal: “These services, which are provided while waiting in the early hours of the morning, are a treat for us taxi drivers. They serve our soup and tea. Thank you to those who contributed. "
  • Efrail Specific: “They disinfected the inside of our vehicles as well as disinfectant and masks and did their best. Thank you very much to the Metropolitan Municipality. "

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