Ankara Should Be Built As A Cryptocurrency Base As A Moment

ankara, crypto currency ussu should be made as soon as possible
ankara, crypto currency ussu should be made as soon as possible

Becoming the Blockcha Turkey's and the current parameters of the development of the technology of the priority and urgency to pass mandatory subject of financial literacy in schools I İNOSA (Innovative Strategic Research Center) were negotiated by online activity panel.

In terms of saving, attitude and investment habits, Turkish people are inadequate and unsuccessful in managing their money and, in this respect, their life; In this context, in addition to the pandemic effect, it has become necessary to teach financial literacy in schools during this period when the world has entered a digital age, and the transformative power of blockchain technology in the economic / public services of the new world and Ankara's neighboring geography, especially the Turkish and Islamic world. Issues have been negotiated as the encrypted virtual) currency base should be.

About the relevant topics and results evaluated in the panel, the President of İNOSAM, Gürkan Avcı, stated the following in summary;


We see that the pandemic process, which deeply shook all humanity, continues to transform political, social and cultural life, as well as world trade and economic markets with the tsunami effect.

We are in a process where the whole world is being thrown towards the digital age. In this process, cryptocurrencies are replacing traditional currencies and are beginning to evolve towards blockchain technology in all economic / public services.

Technologies developing with the digital age cause major changes in our daily life. It introduces great innovations in traditional economy and traditional currencies.

Bitcoin, whose name we started to hear in 2008, and then cryptocurrencies, whose number has reached nearly ten thousand, continue to increase with blockchain technology, which is on the agenda of the whole world.


Blokzinc crypto technology has recently been raised with the money becomes very questionable in Turkey. However, Blockchain is not just a technology that makes virtual currencies possible, it is the name of a much bigger revolution. States and companies have started to adapt a new sector to blockchain technology every day. Since this technology, which is based on a chain model and cannot be decrypted, distributed and decentralized, does not carry the risk of loss or theft, many developed countries rapidly move many sectors and public services from notary services to health, transportation, agriculture and finance to entities based on blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology has the power to make radical changes not only in the public and business world, but also in individual and social life. Beyond these, Blockchain has initiated a transformation that will change and even redefine the human mindset and social / emotional life.


The new crypto-currencies has become the world's limelight yet again Turkey's agenda in 2019, 11 could be located in the Development Plan. In addition to the size of crypto money mining, it was announced in good news with the article "The blockchain-based digital TC Central Bank money will be implemented".

It is very easy to foresee that cryptocurrencies designed with computer algorithms will increase in popularity and reliability as a means of payment, with the fact that the transaction costs are very low, they can be used globally and the usage area, transfer and clearing opportunities increase day by day due to the pandemic.

Turkey will be the front of the crypto-currency market speculation that regulates rights and obligations of the contract and before the legal basis for a healthy beer should be implemented. In our country, many issues such as the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, ownership issue, financial presentation, taxation of income are waiting for legal regulations. In this context, Ankara's crypto monetary base to start with the legal regulations concerning crypto money before Turkey's beer to be made and this legislation by making it compliant with international regulations, financial reporting, accounting for within the framework of standards and taxation to the accumulated and wait in front of a very important task, such as not integrated.


Today, millions of business people and investors make business, transactions and payments with cryptocurrencies. According to some reports in the press last week, to be quite important in terms of Turkey and the Venezuelan government are recorded payments made via crypto money to some companies in Iran. It is very correct and natural that Venezuela, which also does Bitcoin mining, make some payments in cryptocurrencies, but it should be seen as a great source of inspiration. All the world is waiting for major global economic Prior to the flood, and loquat's gold imports in the preparation of the new economic system and stock the world's leading countries Turkey is located between the need digital gold project in both crypto premise leadership on hand to quickly contain and gold in coins crypto and digital it also needs to be reinforced with money.

Turkey should maintain global crypto money as soon as possible and should begin to accumulate reserves. In this context, if there is one billion of dollars in capital of Turkey Ankara and the world's crypto monetary base will be attracted very talented blockcha the people's business. Both of these goals both in the diaspora in Turkey designed and implemented to have sufficient human resources are available in abundance. Both Ankara as well as the strategic location could be a base of the valley Silicon Valley Blockcha like Zug in Switzerland or in the United States that otherwise is similar to printing a late date in Turkey's syndrome will have fallen into backwardness.

Some developed countries have started issuing their own cryptocurrencies. The IMF is about to issue a cryptocurrency in which all reserve currencies are bound to a certain extent in a basket. Therefore, it attached to the bottom of Turkey, under the control of the Central Bank of crypto currencies and consequently produce Ankara will make one of the world's leading crypto-currency base is becoming essential steps to take. Thus, Turkey changed over the world with a virtual currency other crypto currency derivatives, utilized it brings convenience and economic / financial strength could strengthen.


It seems inevitable that crypto / virtual currency types, whose importance and amount are increasing day by day, will enter our lives more and more in the future. As the level reached by the digital age and new / high technologies increases, the validity of crypto currencies increases. It is clear that the dominant object of economic democratization and future financial relations will be cryptocurrencies. Crypto coins in the market related to the net and Turkey should take urgent steps to find peace in Kabul and this should also read the financial literacy education classes in schools to all children and young people or at least the unit. In this way, MoNE should provide young people with the opportunity to catch the future and direct their economic freedom.

As a requirement of the digital age, the Ministry of National Education (MEB) provides that our people's competence and knowledge in financial literacy kazanIt should create the most contemporary teaching opportunities and environments that will allow With this step of the Ministry of National Education, social welfare and economic freedom of our youth kazanshould contribute to their As part of the mission of lifelong education and family education, in partnership with institutions such as the Ministry of National Education, the Banks Association of Turkey and the Central Bank of Turkey, and the Turkey Blockchain Platform; It should serve to raise social awareness and awareness by producing seminars, certificate programs, academic publications, books, reports, journals and supplements, bulletins, news, articles, guest speakers and authors, interviews, social media and web content on financial literacy.

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