Will Metrobus Metro and Ferries Work for 3 Days in Istanbul?

Do metrobus metro and ferries work in Istanbul during the day?
Do metrobus metro and ferries work in Istanbul during the day?

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IMM will continue to serve Istanbul with its 80 thousand personnel for 20 hours during which the curfew will be imposed. Buses, subways and ferries will continue to serve for officials and medical personnel. Hızır Emergency, fire brigade, police and 153 Call Center will also be on duty. Maintenance works and projects will continue throughout the city, bad roads will be asphalted. ISKI, taking the opportunity to empty the streets and squares, will start work to complete important investments.

Covidien-19 outbreak in Turkey because the 31st of December until 21.00 January, Monday at 4:05.00 until 3:20 street exit restrictions will be applied. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) will continue to serve Istanbul with its XNUMX thousand personnel every day, in the restriction to be applied for XNUMX days within the scope of coronavirus measures.


Public transportation in Istanbul will continue for 3 days for healthcare workers and citizens receiving compulsory service. According to the weekend work plan, IETT will organize a total of 11 thousand 611 trips with 52 thousand 582 vehicles. On Friday, January 1 and Sunday, January 3, buses will depart according to their working schedule on Sunday. On Saturday, January 2, passengers will be transported according to the Saturday voyage plan. During the restriction, the fleet tracking center will determine instantaneous densities and immediately activate backup vehicles for additional voyages.

On the metrobus line, on the 1st and 2nd of January, flights will be arranged according to the Saturday working plan. On Sunday, January 3, there will be flights according to the Sunday work plan. The Metrobus Command Center will instantly monitor the density and bring out additional vehicles if necessary.

In rail systems, service will be provided to Istanbul with 1.468 employees. Subways are 06.00 minutes between 24.00-15. will run with the frequency of expedition. The lines to be operated on the weekend are: M1A Yenikapı-Ataköy / Şirinevler, M1B Yenikapı-Kirazlı, M2 Yenikapı-Hacıosman, M3 Kirazlı-Olympic-Başakşehir, M4 Kadıköy-Kartal, M5 Üsküdar-Çekmeköy, M7 Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey, T1 Kabataş-Bağcılar, T4 Topkapı-Masjid-i Selam. Other nylon system lines will start their voyages on Monday, January 4, at 06.00:XNUMX.

ŞEHİR LINES will continue all ferry services, including the Istinye-Cubuklu car ferry line, except for long and short Bosphorus tours. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, it will perform a total of 14 voyages with 31 ferries on 1342 lines. 906 personnel will take part in the works. Ferry timetable www.sehirhatlari.istanbul .


IMM Health Department; Patient referral and accompaniment, vehicle dispatch and logistics, hospice, service to homeless citizens, home health services and Tuzla Bahar Site management will continue with 4.561 personnel. There will be 2060 personnel and religious officials in funeral services and 335 vehicles will be used.

A subsidiary of İBB, İSPER AŞ, Hızır Emergency, Adalar İETT, Family Counseling and Education Centers, İSMEK, Rehabilitation of Stray Animals, Social Services, Business Directorate, İSKİ, Women and Family Services, Urban Transformation, Public Relations, State Department, Home Health, Disabled People Services for the Darülaceze, Children's Activities and Funeral Services projects will be at the service of Istanbul with 4.300 personnel.


IMM Directorate of Science Affairs will continue uninterruptedly work on road, intersections, infrastructure, facilities and landscaping at 62 construction sites over the weekend. A total of 4.148 people will work at the construction sites.


İSKİ General Directorate, one of the affiliated institutions of IMM; It will work for the safety of water treatment and wastewater stations and facilities and for ongoing investments with 6.650 personnel to prevent water shortages during the restriction days. İSKİ General Directorate will take advantage of the empty main arteries and squares in the 80-hour restriction, and will work at 51 different points in Istanbul on wastewater, rainwater, stream improvement and drinking water.


In curfew restrictions, main roads, squares, Marmaray and subway entrances and exits, overpasses - underpasses, bus bay / stops, Bayrampaşa and Ataşehir Hall, gas halls, hospitals, various public and institutions, mechanical washing, mechanical sweeping and will do manual sweeping work.

İSTAÇ AŞ will serve with 3 personnel in 5.649 days. The vehicles will be on duty 1.092 times. In 3 days, a total of 1 million 35 thousand 560 m2 area will be washed, 23 million 885 thousand 802 m2 area will be cleaned by sweeping with mechanical tools.

During the restriction, approximately 115 tons of medical waste will be collected and disposed of in Asia and Europe by 140 employees and 57 vehicles. The marine services unit of İSTAÇ will also carry out Waste Collection from Ships, Waste Acceptance and Recovery and Surface Cleaning. The Asian and European Coastal Cleanup Team will actively work for emergencies as well as their routine work. Excavation wastes will also be collected. A total of 2.679 people will serve in these jobs.


IMM Ministry of Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department will carry out road maintenance, asphalting, infrastructure and pavement arrangement works in 20 locations with a total of 105 personnel in 1945 districts throughout the city.

In the IMM Transportation Department, the Traffic Directorate sign team will be on the field with 35 people and the signal team with 15 people. The Public Transportation Services Directorate will adjust the taximeters of the taxis with 20 people according to the new fare. 6 people will work in the tunnel operating center, 7 people will work in the EDS center, 4 people will work at the Büyük Istanbul Bus Station.


The Department of Fire Department will protect Istanbulites against disasters that may occur at the weekend with 3.051 personnel and 861 vehicles. The Police Department will support the police forces with 1.200 officers and 150 vehicles. Support Services Department will carry out logistics and security services with 6.900 employees and 297 vehicles. The Directorate of Headquarters and Food Department will continue its services in vegetable, fruit and fish markets with 158 personnel and 32 vehicles on Saturday, 36 personnel and 6 vehicles on Sunday.


Within the scope of stray animal rehabilitation activities, services will be provided with 161 personnel and 39 vehicles. Reports of sick and injured animals will be immediately intervened and stray animals will be fed with vehicles. The care of the horses in Büyükada İSPARK stables will be provided by 15 personnel and 2 vehicles.


PUBLIC BREADOn Saturday, January 2, 3 factories will operate at full capacity with 533 buffets and 1.397 people. Bread production will not be made on Friday, January 1 and Sunday, January 3.

IGDASIt will continue to serve in 7/24 Emergency Response, call center and logistics (transportation, cleaning, food, etc.) areas with a total of 80 personnel in shifts for 2.287 hours. 7/24 Emergency Response teams will deliver natural gas uninterruptedly and safely.

BELTURwill continue to serve with 40 staff in 400 hospitals to serve healthcare professionals and patient relatives.

the İSTGÜV, With an average of 946 private security guards at 3.977 locations, will serve until Monday morning.

HAMİDİYE-GUVEN SU, Production and shipments will continue on Saturday, January 2nd, according to the schedule. 191 dealers, 375 vehicles and 820 personnel will be employed.

ISTON, Within the scope of road maintenance and repair works, it will continue to work with 1.572 people in city construction sites and production facilities.

ISFALT, It will support road maintenance and asphalting works with its 264 employees.

ISPARKA total of 15 personnel will be employed, including some open, storey and underground car parks, Alibeyköy Pocket Bus Station, 707 July Democracy Bus Station, İstinye and Tarabya Marina, Bayrampaşa Vegetable-Fruit Market and Kozyatağı Vegetable-Fruit Market.

ISTTELKOMIn order to maintain all communication systems of IMM uninterruptedly, a total of 82 technical experts will be employed in Data Center, Wireless, WiFi, IT and infrastructure services.

AGAC AS, With 2.100 personnel and 268 vehicles, it will continue the maintenance work of green areas without interruption.

ISBAKWith 140 employees, it will continue to maintain and repair traffic lights, electronic signs across Istanbul.

BELBIM, Istanbulkart will carry out its services with 33 personnel.

UGETAM, Will continue Meter Removal, Installation and Infrastructure Inspection services with 50 employees.

ISYÖN, Gürpınar Seafood Products and Kadıköy The Tuesday Market will serve with 69 personnel. 153 personnel will work 729 hours at Beyaz Masa Alo 24 Call Center.

ENERGY INC.will provide fuel, tanker and lighting services with a total of 223 personnel.

BOĞAZİÇİ MANAGEMENT INC.Will support cleaning and maintenance services at critical points in Istanbul. 607 people will work at 3.059 locations.

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