What Should Be Considered When Buying a Used Car?

What should be considered when buying a second hand car
What should be considered when buying a second hand car

As soon as you get keen on buying a car, this can be a very challenging process. "Which brand and which model should I choose?" or "What type of fuel should be?" It wouldn't be surprising to get confused by questions like. Moreover, if you want to buy a second-hand vehicle, you may find yourself with new questions about the frequency of use, the damage history or the reliability of the seller.

In order to clarify your expectations from a vehicle and to make your job easier by giving various tips about the used car market, we discussed what should be considered when buying a used car for you. Ready to explore?

What Can You Expect From Your New Car?

The first thing you should think about when the idea of ​​buying a car comes to mind is your expectations from the car. Yes, everyone says for their new car, "It shouldn't burn too much, it's free and without any damage." makes requests like. But you should know that cars are designed according to different needs while they are still in the production phase and they appeal to different masses. For example, we cannot expect a sports car to burn less, or if you live in a crowded city, we do not recommend choosing very large cars that will cause problems during parking. For this reason, before purchasing a car, you should determine your needs and choose the car that will best meet your needs.

Is the seller from whom you will buy the car reliable?

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to the used car market is whether the seller is reliable. On the other hand, used vehicles can be purchased reliably when careful attention is paid to the research and examination stages. For this situation, what the seller must have and offer;
  • Having an appraisal report,
  • Including detailed photos of the vehicle on relevant websites,
  • We can list important details such as the ability to offer a return guarantee under necessary conditions.
In addition, if you encounter a negative situation, you can seek your rights as a consumer.

Official Documents Required for Second Hand Car Sales

There are other important things to consider before purchasing a used car. Some official documents must be issued, necessary checks must be made, the traffic record must be determined, and the sales process must be carried out in the presence of a notary. To summarize the ways you need to follow while buying the second hand vehicle you want, we can list it as follows:

  • Ask for a document that the vehicle does not owe MTV (Motor Vehicle Tax).

You can follow the relevant steps from our MTV Payment page to inquire about your next MTV / Bandrol payments or to perform the payment transaction and "How to Make MTV Payment with İşCep?" You can watch the video.

  • Check for final inspection information and traffic ticket.
  • Find out if the engine and chassis numbers of the vehicle are registered to TÜVTÜRK vehicle inspection stations.
  • Investigate important details such as whether there is a confiscation order on the vehicle or is it stolen.
After these processes, the sales contract is prepared at the notary. Contract; After it is signed by the notary public, buyer and seller, the sale process is carried out.

Pay Attention To Whether The Parts Are Original

Do not forget that you are buying second hand cars. This means that the previous owner may have changed or renewed some parts of the vehicle. What you need to do is to check whether the replaced parts are original. It would be beneficial to be careful about this, as the originality of the parts can affect the coverage and driving safety.

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