Earthquake Resistant Houses Preferred by Those Who Want to Become a Home

Those who want to own a house turn to earthquake-resistant and new buildings
Those who want to own a house turn to earthquake-resistant and new buildings

According to the data released by the Statistics Institute of Turkey in Istanbul in November, housing was the most sold in the province. While 21 thousand 158 houses were sold in Istanbul, Istanbul was followed by Ankara and Izmir. Noting that the risk of earthquake plays a big role in these sales, Birikimevim Chairman of the Board Osman Telli underlined that those who applied to Birikimevim to be a house owner demanded 2 + 1 flats in new earthquake resistant projects.

Turkey Statistical Institute (TUIK), Turkey announced data of home sales in November for the general. According to the survey of residential sales in Turkey in November 2020 decreased by 18,7% compared to the same period of the previous year was 112 thousand 483. In the housing sales in November, Istanbul took the highest share with 21% with 158 houses. Drawing attention to the fact that the most important reason for this increase is the earthquake, Birikimevim Chairman of the Board, Osman Telli said, “Istanbul was followed by Ankara with 18,8 thousand 10 house sales and 710% share, and 9,5 thousand 6 housing sales and 574% share with the effect of the earthquake. . "People's desire to have an earthquake resistant home where they can sit and sleep in peace has increased," he said.

Those who want to own a house are turning to earthquake resistant and new buildings

Evaluating the November data of TURKSTAT, Birikimevim Board Chairman Osman Telli said: “When we examined our November sales reports after the announcement of TUIK data, we observed that our customers who want to buy houses prefer new buildings of 2 + 1 type, especially earthquake resistant. The first demand of our customers who want to buy houses is that the houses are built to be earthquake resistant and preferably new buildings… From this perspective, our branches that we made the most sales in this month were İzmir Bornova and Karabağlar and İstanbul Bağcılar. In addition, we can say that our sales rates are high in Gaziantep. We anticipate that the sales figures under the guarantee of the state will increase even more with the enactment of the Interest-Free Housing System Law. " - Hibya

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