There Will Be Many Reasons To Come To Sivas With The Start Of YHT Expeditions

Restoration works of Sivas City and Industrial School Museum have been completed.
Restoration works of Sivas City and Industrial School Museum have been completed.

Sivas, the city of history and culture, will be even more prominent with the new culture and art projects implemented. Within the scope of the museum projects initiated to contribute to Sivas's cultural heritage, the restoration work of the Sivas City and Industrial School Museum has been completed.

Sivas Governor Salih Ayhan examined the exhibition and arrangement works initiated in the building of the semi-open prison converted into the City and Industrial School Museum within the scope of the Ministry of Industry and Technology's Support Program for Attraction Centers in 2018, and received information about the latest status of the project from the technical staff of the Special Provincial Administration.

We Protect the Identity of the City

Governor Salih Ayhan, in his statement; Stating that Sivas has a strong identity in the field of culture and art, he said that they focused on museum projects in Sivas to contribute to this structure.

Stating that Sivas is taking firm steps towards becoming a city of museums, Governor Salih Ayhan said that the Sivas City and Industry School project was the first of these projects.

Governor Salih Ayhan said, “The area where the project was implemented was previously used as a semi-open prison. In accordance with the founding philosophy of the past, we will reflect that spirit in which industrial activities were held in the City and Industrial School Museum. The concept of a living museum will be implemented in the project, and we will put forward a beautiful museum understanding by keeping the spirit of the old period, taking into account the needs of the modern age. " said.

Sivas Will Be The Museum Basin

Stating that the landscaping works will be initiated in the project in a short time, Governor Salih Ayhan said, “We are happy to bring another wonderful work to Sivas. Craftsmen Bazaar will be built next to Sivas City and Industrial School Museum and Aşık Veysel Poets and Music Culture Museum will be built in front of it. Considering the Archeology Museum in the region, this will be a museum basin. " said.

Citizens will have many reasons to come to Sivas

Stating that they are trying to plan the future of Sivas in the best way, Governor Salih Ayhan said, “With the start of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) in 2021, there will be many reasons for our citizens to come to Sivas. The first of these will be the museums we have brought to our city. Our goal is to bring 20 interactive living museums to our city. Our people will have the opportunity to see museums that they enjoy, see permanent artifacts, remember the past and look to the future with hope. We want there to be no intergenerational disconnection. We want to transfer all our historical and cultural wealth to the future with the consciousness of trust. " said.

Thanks to Those Who Contributed From Governor Ayhan

Stating that they will continue to work with a strong vision, Governor Salih Ayhan would like to thank Mr. Mustafa Varank, the Minister of Industry and Technology, the General Directorate of Development Agency, the ORAN Shield Agency and the technical staff of the Special Provincial Administration, who contributed to bring the Sivas City and Industrial School Museum to our province. did.

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