The world's first vaccine was made in China 1000 years ago

The world's first rebellion was held in June
The world's first rebellion was held in June

The agenda of the whole world is busy with vaccines developed against Covid-19 and studies are ongoing. China is currently continuing 5 vaccine studies in the coronavirus vaccine, 15 of which are pending third phase studies. In some countries, there is an attempt to spread distrust towards the vaccine, but scientists state that no adverse effects have been encountered in the studies of the vaccines developed so far.

The world's first penicillin mixture used in 600 BC

METU Chemistry Department academic staff member Prof. Dr. Ural Akbulut stated that a mixture in which penicillin was produced for the first time in the world was used in China in 600 B.C. “In China, they stick the mashed soybean paste on the inflamed wounds and wrap it. This way the wounds get rid of the inflammation. It is not known for which type of wounds this is used because records are not kept very much. This kind of information is not made available to the public. We know that this type of information is used in China. They used it to get relief from inflammation until penicillin was discovered in 1928. With penicillin, the plague is gone. If penicillin could be obtained from mold fungus by isolating it in China, perhaps the world could have gotten rid of it much earlier. Information not being disseminated can cause such things. Of course, these are theories, ”he says.

Stating that in addition to the plague, smallpox causes great harm to the world, Prof. Dr. Ural Akbulut said the following about the smallpox vaccine used in China for the first time in the world: “Flower also harmed the whole world. Those flower sores on people's faces would cause very bad visions, a painful disease. Although we do not know the exact date of the smallpox vaccine, there is a document that it was administered to the child of a statesman in China in 1000 AD. Those of traditional medicine do this. It is also known that this vaccine was successful, but we learn the details from the documents in the year 1500. They collect the scabs, dry them, grind them together with flower petals and make scratches on the children's arms, and the dust is covered and wrapped there. In the other method, children are blown through their nose. They even blow from the left nose of the girls with a silver tube and the boys blow through the right nose. We know that this vaccine was made. When the history of the vaccine is written, China is less talked about. "

The vaccine comes to Istanbul in 1650

Stating that the vaccine came from China to Istanbul, Prof. Dr. Akbulut said, “It is known that it came in the 1650s, but it is thought that certain groups may have done it because of the lack of communication. According to the document in 1718, the son of Lady Montagu, wife of the British Ambassador, was vaccinated in Istanbul. While going for the vaccine, the doctor of the embassy also goes to find out, and this is the first time the vaccine has been transferred from one country to another. The discoveries were kept somewhat secret at that time. However, information develops as it is shared. The vaccine that came to Istanbul from China, thus passes to England. It is being used in England in 1721, ”he says.

"Religious extremists started the vaccine opposition"

Following the initiation of vaccination in England, Priest E. Massey impresses religious people by saying, "Diseases are a god-given punishment. Over time, the 'vaccine is bad' approach spreads to the USA. In fact, the Association of Anti-Vaccines is being established. ”Prof. Dr. Akbulut says that despite everything, states believe in science and make the vaccine mandatory. Stating that there are superstitions on the basis of anti-vaccination, Prof. Dr. Akbulut cited the murder of a mother and daughter in Pakistan for trying to get vaccinated as an example. Prof. Dr. Finally, Akbulut pointed out the importance of the Covid-19 vaccine to stop the global epidemic, underlining that 3 million people are prevented from dying every year thanks to vaccines and that it is of great importance to have the Covid-19 vaccine.

Source: China International Radio

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