Mayor Yavaş Did Not Leave Actors Who Had Difficult Times Alone

The president did not leave the actors who had a difficult time alone
The president did not leave the actors who had a difficult time alone

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who continued to support the arts and artists who had a hard time during the pandemic process, did not leave the actors alone. Saying “We will prevent our citizens from staying away from art by supporting our theaters,” Mayor Yavaş announced that they will broadcast 37 theater plays on ABB TV and Başkent Mobile with the announcement made through their social media accounts.

The Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Mansur Yavaş, does not leave various occupational groups, especially tradesmen who had a difficult time during the pandemic period, and employees of the whole sector, with the support they provide.

President Yavaş, who has carried out practices that support art and artists in the Capital, has recently implemented a new project that will provide economic support to theaters that have had a hard time and cannot meet with the audience. Making an announcement through his social media accounts, Mayor Yavaş announced that they will broadcast a total of 37 plays of the theaters operating in Başkent on ABB TV and Başkent Mobile.


Başkent Theaters affiliated to Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Culture and Social Affairs Department; Ankara Theater Producers (ANTİYAP) Association will open its doors for the staging of 25 theaters, 10 plays from other theaters and 2 plays from disabled theaters, especially XNUMX theaters.

Stating that they do not want to leave the theaters that could not meet with their audience during the pandemic process alone, Mayor Yavaş said, “We strive to be with our theaters that have had a hard time in the pandemic. By buying and publishing 37 different plays, we will both support our theaters and prevent our citizens from staying away from art. You can watch the games on ABB TV and Başkent Mobil ”.


Art lovers from the capital will be able to watch 37 theater plays purchased by the Metropolitan Municipality on ABB TV and Başkent Mobile.

Due to the pandemic process, the plays to be played on the stage of the Başkent Theaters without an audience will be recorded and broadcast on the weekends, especially at the hours when the curfew is applied. In this process, the following games, 12 adults and 13 children, which will be broadcast in the first place, can be watched online not only in Ankara but anywhere in the world:

Adult Games:

  • Ankara Devinim Theater → Muhteris Sukunet
  • Ankara Ortaoyuncular → İstiklal Road
  • Bamboo Theater → Lena, Leyla and Others
  • First Platform → Consonant Women
  • Crazy Art → Bloody Wedding
  • Mice Theater → Tangle
  • Gülüm Pekcan Dance Theater → Women Stories Folklore
  • Ankara Akademi Art Theater → Still Life 2047
  • Free Stage → Bernarda Alba's House
  • Sole Art → The Epic of Sheikh Bedreddin
  • February Theater Production → From Ruşenali to Köroğlu
  • From the Theater Stage → Vecihi Hürkuş

Kid games:

  • Ankara Contemporary Art Theater → Sinekli Salih Efendi
  • Ankara Sentry Scene → Gratel with Hansel
  • Aslan Theater → Keloğlan's Speaking Mirror
  • Antiyap Association → Magical Journey with Ali Nihat
  • Bell Theater → Cute Rabbits
  • Dreamcatcher → Purple Nose
  • Fer Stage → Mr. Microbe
  • Philosopher Media → Keloğlan Tales Apple Candy Festival
  • Rainbow Theater → The Smiling Garden
  • Black Pepper Cabaret → Land of Clean Teeth
  • Kobat Art Theater → Pinocchio
  • Theater Pink Frog → Butterfly With Hunter
  • Life Art → Cooperative Value Grandfather

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