İzmir Metropolitan Main Service Building, which has been serving for 38 years, is being emptied

Izmir Buyuksehir Municipality Main Service Building is evacuated
Izmir Buyuksehir Municipality Main Service Building is evacuated

After the earthquake on October 30th, the move to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Main Service Building started. The items in the building are transferred to the new areas where the units will serve, especially the fair halls in Kültürkpark.

Following the earthquake that occurred off the Seferihisar district on October 30, it was decided to evacuate the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Main Service Building for security reasons. The process of moving furniture, office equipment, electronic equipment, archives and documents belonging to the units serving in the building to their new working areas has started. Before the move, all the items in the building were individually packaged and coded, and the units were moved to the service areas of Kültürpark halls, Sovereignty House, Oğuzlar Additional Service Building, Fire Brigade and Police departments, where the units will operate from now on. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality officials stated that the moving process will continue until the end of the month.

Served for 38 years

The projects of Izmir Metropolitan Main Service Building were obtained as a result of the "Architectural Project Competition" opened in 1966. Construction of the building started in 1968, but it was opened in 1982. After the earthquake that occurred on October 30, the technical examinations of the unused building revealed that it was slightly damaged, and the building was proposed to be used by strengthening. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that they did not prefer to strengthen it in his social media account on November 27, and said, “We will demolish the Municipality Main Service Building and replace it with a symbolic presidency and council building integrated with the Government House and add the remaining area to Atatürk Square. Good luck to Izmir and the people of Izmir. I hope it will set an example for other public institutions in Konak, ”he said.

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