The First Step was Taken in Bilecik's Osmaneli District for the TOKI Project with 500 Housing

The first step was taken for the housing project in Bilecikin Osmaneli district
The first step was taken for the housing project in Bilecikin Osmaneli district

Osmaneli Mayor Münür Şahin made statements about Osmaneli projects after his meeting with our Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Murat Kurum. Stating that steps have been taken to construct 28-storey prestigious 248 residences in horizontal architecture with the appearance of "Osmaneli Mansions" in the area of ​​41 thousand 496 square meters on 4 blocks and 500 parcels next to the old TOKI and the title deed of TOKI, President Şahin said: continued;

“Due to the finalization of the Osmaneli-Yenişehir-Bursa-Gemlik Port YHT project and the start of the project, the intense interest in Osmaneli OIZ and industrial parcels, and the industrial areas that our industrialists have received and the facilities to be established, there is a need for at least 2021-2024 thousand residences in our district between 500-2. will be heard. Even though a part of the housing need will be made by the private sector, there will be a demand for 500 residences in the area that belongs to TOKİ together with TOKİ. For this project, which will not have any sales and demand problems, we have largely completed negotiations with companies and our people. The project, which will provide all kinds of support as a municipality in terms of transportation and integration with the city, will be very prestigious and will be a preferred holiday village due to covid-19. A very different environment will be created when the feasibility studies of the old landfill area are completed and this area is rehabilitated with the support of our ministry and turned into a huge park, forest and sports area. The appearance that the YHT line will add to the project is a very aesthetic appearance. kazanwill ache. The fact that there is no problem in the sale and demand in the old and central TOKİ in Osmaneli makes it possible to sell the project immediately. Today, the market value of the houses that our citizens bought between 141 and 191 thousand liras in TOKİ, the center we built, is between 250 and 350 thousand liras. Rents range from 750 TL to 250 TL. We wish good luck to Osmaneli for our new TOKİ project in advance," he said.

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