EGİAD The Advisory Board Evaluated the Pandemic Economy at the Last Meeting of the Year

The egiad advisory board evaluated the pandemic economy at the last meeting of the year
The egiad advisory board evaluated the pandemic economy at the last meeting of the year

The important names of the Izmir business world, which is an important guide in the association's work route EGİAD-Ege Young Business People Association Advisory Board held the last meeting of 2020 online. Managed to meet with a wide participation during the pandemic process EGİAD Advisory Board; impact and future prospects of the pandemic processes, the processes in Izmir Earthquake and its aftermath, Izq Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, and economic and political developments in Turkey's Izmir's agenda laid on the table headers.

Being among the most effective boards of the region where the problems of both the city and the country are discussed EGİAD The Advisory Board convened under the chairmanship of İZTO President Mahmut Özgener. EGİAD Mustafa Aslan, Kemal Çolakoğlu, Uğur Yüce, Uğur Barkan, Bülent Şenocak, Şükrü Ünlütürk, Prof. Dr. Fatih Dalkılıç, Temel Aycan Şen, Aydın Buğra İlter, Yiğit Tatış, Oğuz Özkardeş, Önder Türkkanı, Selami Özpoyraz, Jak Eskinazi, Prof. Dr. Murat Aşkar, Prof. Dr. Representatives of the business world such as Cemali Dinçer, Deniz Sipahi, press managers and EGİAD Representatives of the past and current board members attended.

221 Organizations 265 Hours Online Events

Mustafa Aslan, Chairman of the Board of Aegean Young Business People Association, who made a presentation about 2020 term activities and projects, EGİAD He said that 2020 different organizations were organized in 221, and 265 hours of online events were held due to the pandemic. EGİADNoting that Turkey represents an important economy with nearly 700 members and 3 thousand member companies, 110 thousand employment power and 60 percent members' international partnership and foreign trade cooperation, Aslan said, “We organized 120 events only in the pandemic. We organized 265 hours of online organization in total. We attached importance to international relations. With the awareness that this period can be overcome with export and e-commerce, such events have been among our priorities. Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Sri Lanka were among the foreign economies we discussed for our members. We came together with Primoz Seligo, Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to Ankara and Portugal Ambassador to Ankara Paula Leal da Silva. We listened to the success stories of our companies that have become brands with the awareness that products with high added value and difference are an important outlet for companies. "We came together with trade sites step by step with the thought that the most important exit door of our members and SMEs due to the pandemic and we started the planning of numerous organizations," he said. Aslan, who also took part in the economic evaluation of 2021, stated that the recent process of reform discourses created a positive reflection and attracted the attention of international markets. Aslan, who also evaluated the minimum wage, said, “The minimum wage is low for people who receive it and a big burden for the giving workplace; “It is an important indicator that we have places to correct in our economic model”.

Pandemic Economy Assessment by Özgener

EGİAD The Chairman of the Advisory Board, Mahmut Özgener, made a current economic evaluation. Özgener started his speech by stating that a very difficult year has been left behind for everyone. Stating that 2020 had a great blow to both commercial and social life, he said, “With the pandemic, different business models had to be adopted in every field, especially digitalization. In this environment, the "online" concept entered our lives and long distances became closer. When the pandemic is over, we will continue our commercial activities using digital technologies. The number of companies that keep pace with change and adapt their company to the era is increasing rapidly ”. Özgener, who also made predictions about the pandemic, emphasized that many countries will complete 2020 with a contraction. Reminding that international organizations such as the IMF, OECD, and the World Bank have growth estimates of -2020% for the year 4,5, Özgener continued his assessment as follows: “It is estimated that there will be around 2021% growth for 5. The IMF global goods and services trade growth forecast is that it will decrease by 2020% for 10,4, and 2021% for 8,3. In our country, as soon as the pandemic process started, many measures and regulations were implemented by our government to ease the commercial life. Despite all the negativities experienced, it was among the growing economies in 2020. Our economy grew by 3% in the third quarter. Manufacturing and construction sectors play an important role in this growth. In order to sustain our growth in the upcoming period, we must work towards the goal of attracting direct investment to our country and strengthening our foreign relations and increasing investor confidence along with macroeconomic stability.

Speaking about the IzQ Project, Özgener noted that as an Izmir project, they act together with Izmir NGOs. Özgener said, “We are very strong with this synergy we have achieved, and we thank all our partners in this sense. EGİADWe are fully confident that the vision of entrepreneurship will make valuable contributions to our project. In the field of entrepreneurship EGİADBased on his experience in this field due to the studies carried out by; The connections that can mediate our young people's orientation towards entrepreneurship and innovation will add value to IzQ. To young representatives of family businesses EGİAD I believe that together we will be able to reach through and increase their awareness on these issues. In particular, the year 2020 once again showed us how flexible we should be in the face of challenges. This flexibility will be provided easily with the new generation entrepreneurs. We need to get support from our entrepreneurs during the transition process and we need to support them. Our entrepreneurs that we will support with our IzQ Project will reveal digitalization, ”he said.

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