Aviation Sector Will Be Reshaped

The aviation industry will be reshaped
The aviation industry will be reshaped

While many sectors are adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the aviation industry is struggling to survive. So, what awaits the civil aviation industry after the pandemic? What are the young people's preferences in aviation, the shining profession of the future?

Istanbul Rumeli University Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences Department of Aviation Management Assoc. Dr. Vahap Önen shared his views on the future of the aviation industry.

Aviation sector will recover from the second half of 2021

As it is known, the aviation sector is one of the most dynamic sectors, and it is an area where technological changes and innovations are mostly applied. According to the reports of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (SHGM), while the aviation industry has grown by an average of 2015% each year since 2008, this figure has declined to about 25% after 2015. Even if the aviation sector was adversely affected by the epidemic in the world in 15 and 2019, it will start to recover slowly from the summer of 2020 and it will continue to grow globally again from the first quarter of 2021, and this growth is expected to be more pleasurable in our country.

There will be new investments in the field of aviation in the future.

Although airline passenger transportation and flight schools were negatively affected during the epidemic period, it was observed that air cargo transportation, air taxi and ambulance services and business jet aircraft maintenance services were positively affected by this process. We anticipate that 3 new air taxi companies are currently in the license phase, many airports under construction will be completed within a few years and new investments will be made in the field of aviation in the future.

Aviation profession attracts young people

Referring to the fact that the aviation profession attracts young people, Istanbul Rumeli University Aviation Management Department Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Vahap ÖNEN lists the reasons for this as follows: '' The increasing demand for air transportation in the world, the more use of the air cargo logistics network in the transportation of import and export goods, the use of "drone" in the provision of products and services, the gradual growth of the civil defense industry, The increase in the number of air taxi companies serving for business purposes and the number of ambulance aircraft services, the selection of our country as the maintenance center of the aircraft of many countries in Asia, Africa and Central Directly, the commissioning of parts production facilities for domestic civil aircraft production projects, new flight schools, The fact that the wages are above the other sector averages in general, the international validity of the profession, the opportunities to work abroad, and working with special people are seen as important points that attract young people to this profession. ''

Aviation management graduates have a wide range of fields of work

Aviation Management graduates are not limited to flight management, training in all organizations related to civil aviation, human resources, customer relations, marketing, planning, logistics, procurement, finance, security, safety, team planning, tariff planning line management, revenue management, cargo storage. They have the ability to work in many different organizations and departments such as admission-loading, catering, ground handling, "ramp services", terminal services, air traffic, navigation, representation, surveillance, catering. For this reason, Aviation Management graduates can find jobs in airports and airports or in a private sector enterprise operating in aviation, as well as in public enterprises. In the past period, more piloting, aircraft technician flight host (es) candidates have been predominant to airlines, recently air cargo, air logistics companies, air taxi companies, general aviation companies, defense industry, aircraft and "component" maintenance organizations, flight schools, aircraft We see an increasing tendency towards the fields of work for many positions related to Aviation Management in materials, parts, spare parts, repair, procurement-purchasing and sales companies.

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