Annual Maintenance Cost of Osmangazi Bridge Makes You Ascetic!

The annual maintenance cost of the osmangazi bridge is astonishing
The annual maintenance cost of the osmangazi bridge is astonishing

While explaining the annual maintenance and repair costs of the Osmangazi Bridge, Economist İbrahim Kahveci wrote, "It is a pity to our children who are the next generations who will pay these bills."

Economist İbrahim Kahveci in the newspaper Decision compared the maintenance and repair costs of the Marmara Region highways with the annual maintenance and repair costs of the Osmangazi Bridge.

Here is the post of İbrahim Kahveci today:

It is a pity for this extravagance ...

Including the Osmangazi Bridge built by the private sector with a Treasury guarantee, the Istanbul-Izmir highway cost 6,7 billion dollars in total. Adil Karaismailoğlu, the new Minister of Transport, announced this.

İYİ Party Bursa Deputy Prof. Dr. İsmail Tatlıoğlu asked about 1,5 billion dollars to be paid from the 13 billion dollar bridge as Nation & State.

When the Japanese firm bought the IHI Osmangazi Bridge as a sub-contractor, the construction cost was announced as $ 1,2 billion.

Anyway… We got used to billions of dollars in the mouth.

The Minister says;

-Total project cost 6,7 billion dollars

- Interest of $ 4,6 billion was paid to the loans used for this project.

250 million dollars was spent on expropriation

-The maintenance and repair costs are 2 billion dollars.


I think the basis for the figures the minister said is very weak. Numbers are spoken and passed because ...

There is no examination, questioning etc. as state manners. Thank God we have…

Even the Wealth Fund is the same. The companies that went there are now a secret… It is difficult to understand why most of them suffered losses. Anyways…

Let's take a closer look at the number two of Minister Bey. 4,6 billion dollars of financial expenses will be paid.

Let's go back to ourselves, I think. The cost of financing a bridge and a road is 4,6 billion dollars, that is, who pays the INTEREST and why? Or who gets paid why?

Is there such an interest? And to the US dollar ...

In addition, the maintenance and repair expenses were called 2 billion dollars. These are not what happened until now, I think they will be by 2035. And the numbers spoken for both the bridge and the highway.

I think that whoever works on that bridge and the highway, such as garbage collectors, toll booths, asphalt workers etc., gets a salary in dollars.

The average annual maintenance and repair cost of two bridges in Istanbul and highways in the Marmara Region is between 200-250 million TL. I repeat: 2 old bridges and Marmara Region highways.

If you say 250 million TL * 16 years of operating time, the result will be 4 billion TL. In other words, while the average 1-year maintenance / repair cost for not 2 but 16 old bridges and highways in Istanbul is 500 million dollars, how can they write 2 billion dollars on the maintenance cost of the newly finished Osmangazi Bridge and Istanbul-İzmir highway?

What if they didn't see numbers

Or they rudely give the money account as the money of the Nation.

The fact of the matter is that when the private sector gets this job done, there is a much, much more extreme price.

We all know that, in years like 2012-2013, while an average of 74 billion dollars was received from foreigners annually to our country, we had these projects built by saying "there is no money" and "a penny will not come out of the cash register.

There really is no money now, and every year we pour billions of dollars of the Nation's money into these Treasury-guaranteed projects.

It is a pity… It is really a shame.

In the pandemic, the people are closing their shop by force, sending their employees home. What will those people get along with, what will they eat, what will they wear… What will their children say when they want something?

But what kind of an investment understanding can pouring billions of dollars into Treasury-guaranteed contractors while saying there is no money for the nation?

Let's make one more distinction here.

Istanbul-Izmir road and bridge was a necessary investment. But the road is so expensive that folks can't use it enough. The people with high solvency, which we can only call the rich, use them.

How will it be explained to this Nation to take a road from the poor to the rich? Who will defend this and how?

But wouldn't it be if the state had made this road and offered the citizens an affordable price with Özal and Demirel's model?

There are also projects that should never have happened. For example, this is the case for the 3rd Airport in Istanbul.

Former THY Board Presidents Candan Karlıtekin and Hamdi Topçu have repeatedly explained how unnecessary this project is.
It is a pity… It is really a shame.

Or how much was the Ankara-Niğde motorway required? Was Çanakkale Bridge essential in this crisis?

Now, Channel Istanbul, where we give all our energy ...

What is this necessary-unnecessary Treasury guaranteed auction mobilization?

It is a pity to our country ...

It is a pity for our children and grandchildren who will pay these bills. It's a pity

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