Electric Scooter Era Begins in Sivas

Sivasta electric scooter era begins
Sivasta electric scooter era begins

📩 02/12/2020 13:58

Within the scope of the project to be implemented by Sivas Municipality, citizens will have the opportunity to use an environmentally friendly transportation vehicle with electric scooters to be placed in different parts of the city.

Mayor Hilmi Bilgin said that they ordered 100 scooters in the first place for the Electric Scooter, which is a completely domestic and national production that provides environmentally friendly and safe transportation in short distance transportation.

Electric scooters, which are spreading rapidly in use all over the world and are gradually being used in our country, will soon be available to the people of Sivas. The era of fast, safe, environmentally and climate-friendly transportation will begin in recreation areas and public gardens with two-wheeled micro-mobility vehicles.

With its technical infrastructure, which includes the software with follow-up module developed by Turkish Engineers, completely new electric Scooters can reach a speed of 35 km per hour. Users who can travel 50 km on a single charge and reach the nearest scooter with an application downloaded to their mobile phones, will be able to register and leave the vehicles at any location via the application without being connected to a station.


Mayor Hilmi Bilgin made a statement about the project and said, “We will put an environmentally friendly transportation system into the service of our citizens of Sivas in a short distance. In the new period, we plan to implement the scooter application, which is frequently used by our young people and requested from us, at a stage where we leave the pandemic process back after completing the necessary infrastructure works for the next period. Legal regulation for this was accepted by the TBMM Environment Commission. It will come to the general assembly and become law. We are now making our first test runs as a result of the meeting we held with our authorized company, together with our ÖZBELSAN General Manager and our relevant vice presidents. We wanted to realize that this is a really necessary work and is highly demanded by our young people, considering that it is an environmentally friendly practice. It will be implemented in our Smart Bike application. If our electric scooter system is activated together with it, we will try to do our part as an environmentally friendly municipality. I already say good luck. We have started our work and we are starting the countdown to put it into the service of our fellow countrymen as soon as possible. " gave his statements.

"It continues in our planning for usage areas." Mayor Bilgin said, “First of all, we will put it into service in our recreation areas in the city center, in our public garden. We believe that it can also be used in the university campus. We will place a sufficient number of scooters in the campus upon requests. Our aim is not to make money, but to add value to the sociocultural structure of the city. For this purpose, we will put our fellow citizens at the service of our youth. I would like to announce that 100 electric scooters have been ordered in the first place. " said.

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