IETT Flights at the New Year

New Year's Iett Flights
New Year's Iett Flights

During the curfews to be applied between 31 on Thursday, 21.00 December and 4 on Monday, 05.00 January, IETT will organize trips according to the weekend timetable.

Curfew restrictions will be applied in the last evening of 19, which passed with the troubles we experienced due to Covid-2020 and in the first days of the new year. The restriction will start on the last day of the year at 31:21.00 on Thursday, December 4st, and will last for 4 days and will end at 05.00:XNUMX on Monday, January XNUMX.

During the restriction period, IETT buses on Friday, January 1, will operate according to the timetable on Sunday. Passengers will be transported on Saturday with a schedule of Saturday and on a Sunday schedule on Sunday. During the restriction, the fleet tracking center will determine instantaneous densities and immediately activate backup vehicles for additional voyages.

On the metrobus line, on the 1st and 2nd of January, flights will be arranged according to the Saturday timetable. On Sunday, January 3, there will be flights according to the Sunday voyage schedule. The Metrobus Command Center will instantly monitor the density and bring out additional vehicles if necessary.

Note: According to the IMM Council Decision, you can get free transportation with your Istanbulkart on 01.01.2021. Free application is not valid for airport lines and Adalar electric lines.

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