Kartepe Kuzuyayla Nature Park to Make Cable Car Line Metropolitan

Kartepe Kuzuyayla Nature Park will make the cable car line big
Kartepe Kuzuyayla Nature Park will make the cable car line big

The cable car project, the foundation of which was laid in Derbent shortly before the 31 March local elections, will be transferred to Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Thus, Büyükşehir will realize the dream of 50 years.

According to the news of Erdin Ağdede from Özgürkocaeli;“There has been a very important development in Kartepe regarding the ropeway project, whose foundation was laid in 2018 and known as the '50-year dream'. As it will be remembered, the contractor firm Valter Elevator could not continue the project due to economic contraction and exchange rate fluctuations. Thereupon, Kartepe Municipality canceled the contract. Although Kartepe Mayor Mustafa Kocaman said “We will do it” at every opportunity, it seemed difficult for the municipality to fulfill this promise due to the economic situation it was in. Finally, the Metropolitan Municipality stepped in and took over the project.


In the council meeting of Kartepe Municipality held the previous day; The matter of the transfer of the land-qualified real estate in Hikmetiye belonging to Kartepe Municipality to the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality to be used within the scope of the Kartepe Kuzuyayla Nature Park Cable Car Line and Station Project of the Real Estate and Expropriation Directorate came to the agenda. The article in question was unanimously transferred to the Plan and Budget Commission. The ropeway transfer article will be passed by the parliament next month and the transfer of the project to the Metropolitan will be completed.


The 4 thousand 960 meters long line between Hikmetiye-Derbent Kuzu Yayla Recreation Area was determined as the first stage of the cable car line. The cable car line would be two-way and 3-roped. The cable car line starting from Hikmetiye would end at Kuzu Yayla Nature Park. But; It was learned that the metropolitan officials were preparing on the project and that minor revisions could be made on the same line. It was learned that the details will be shared with the public after the revision studies and the project are completed.



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