Kırıkkale University Faculty of Medicine will recruit 118 contracted healthcare personnel

kirikkale university medical faculty
kirikkale university medical faculty

Contracted Personnel enacted by the Cabinet Decree dated 657 and numbered 4/6.6.1978, to be employed in Kırıkkale University Faculty of Medicine Hospital and to be employed in accordance with paragraph (B) of Article 7 of the Civil Servants Law No.15754, provided that the expenses are covered by the special budget. In accordance with the relevant articles of the Principles Regarding Employment, on the basis of the KPSS (B) group score ranking, 118 contracted health personnel will be recruited to the Contracted Personnel Positions stated below.

kirikkale university will receive contracted healthcare staff

kirikkale university will receive contracted healthcare staff
kirikkale university will receive contracted healthcare staff


1- To fulfill the General Conditions specified in sub-clause (A) of Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,

2- Not having any health problems that may prevent seizure or night work,

3- Having completed the age of 18 as of the date of application,

4- Not being able to receive retirement or old-age pension from any social security institution,

5- 2020 KPSS (B) Group KPSS P3 score for undergraduate graduates,

2020 KPSS (B) Group KPSS P93 score for Associate Degree graduates,

For Secondary Education Graduates, having 2018 KPSS (B) group KPSS P94 score.

6- To meet the conditions specified under the heading "Required Qualifications" for the title to be applied,

7- The KPSS condition is not required for the application for the pharmacist position, and the candidates who will apply will have a high graduation grade, if the graduation grade is equal, the ranking will be made starting from the old one.

8- While working in other public institutions and organizations as contracted personnel according to the clause (B) of Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 4; Contracted Personnel, whose service contracts have expired or those who apply to be placed in the contracted positions in this announcement, in the clause (B) of Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No.4 and the Council of Ministers Decree No. 6.6.1978/7 dated 15754 It should be taken into consideration that the provisions in the third and fourth paragraphs (**) of the Annex 1 article of the Principles Regarding Operation will apply. Among those who have been placed in these positions, those who do not fall within the scope of the exceptions stated in the third and fourth paragraphs of the additional article 1 of the Principles Regarding Employment of Contracted Personnel will not be appointed.

(*) The provision included in paragraph (B) of Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 4: “... Those employed in this way are terminated by their institutions due to violating the principles of the service contract or the contract is canceled during the contract period, except for the exceptions determined by the President's decision. If they terminate unilaterally, they cannot be employed in contracted personnel positions of the institutions until 1 (one) year has passed from the date of termination. "

(**) Provisions included in paragraphs three and four of Annex 1 of the Principles Regarding Employment of Contracted Personnel: “. In case contracted personnel terminate their contracts by their institutions or unilaterally terminate the contract within the term of the contract, as of the termination date. Unless 1 (one) year has passed, they cannot be re-employed in the contracted personnel positions of public institutions and organizations. "


a) From employees who are part-time or limited by the duration of the project,

b) Of those who change their titles by assigning them within the framework of Annex 4 to the positions related to the titles included in the table numbered 4, which are issued in terms of their education status,

c) By requesting a relocation due to his spouse or health condition; Depending on any of the reasons that there is no service unit to be transferred to, the unit does not have vacant positions with the same title and qualification, or cannot meet the actual working requirement for at least 1 (one) year, subparagraph (b) or (c) of Annex 3 Those who unilaterally terminate the provision of which cannot be applied to them, can be re-employed without being subject to the 1 (one) year term requirement. "


The application period of the announcement is 15 (fifteen) days from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette. will be done electronically at. Applications in person or by mail will not be accepted.


1- Application petition (The petition sample is available on the application platform.)

2- KPSS Exam Result Document (Verification code is mandatory).

3- Certificate of Education (documents received through e-Government will be considered valid).

4- Identity Card / TC Identity Card.

5- Military Status Certificate for male candidates.

6- Photo

7- Candidates who will apply are required to document their working hours related to the experience requirement specified under the title of "Required Qualifications" with an official letter from the institution they work with or with a stamp approved by the official letter and social security institution service document.

8- Under the heading of "Required Qualifications", the required Certificate / Documents must be dated or documented with an additional letter, and the certificate / documents received within the application period of the announcement will not be considered valid.


1- The KPSS result certificate of all candidates will be checked by ÖSYM records and the applications of those who make false statements will be deemed invalid.

2- The right to be appointed according to the KPSS (B) group score ranking kazanThe principal and alternate candidates will be announced on our University's website (or application platform) within 10 (ten) business days following the end of the application period.

3- The announcement regarding the announcement of the results in question is in the nature of a notification, and the candidates will not be notified.

4- Reserve candidates will be determined as many as the number of positions announced for each position.

5- Right to be appointed kazanCandidates must complete the required documents within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of the announcement of the results and submit them to the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of our University. Candidates who do not submit their documents within this period and those who submit documents and do not start their duties within the prescribed time after the notification regarding their appointment will be called substitute candidates.

From Kırıkkale University Rectorate:


In accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles for Employing Employees to Public Institutions and Organizations, issued on the basis of the Labor Law numbered 4857 and the aforementioned Law, permanent employees will be recruited from candidates who meet the general and special conditions stated in the ISKUR open announcement to be employed in the following units of our University.

Workers to be employed in the Medical Faculty Hospital of our University will be determined directly by the notary draw without being subjected to an examination in accordance with the Provisional Article 6 of the aforementioned Regulation, and from among all applicants, the number of vacant jobs (the number of announced staff) as well as the number of original and original candidates It will be determined by the notary's lot.

Workers to be employed in the General Secretariat and Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs of our University will be determined according to the results of the Oral Exam from among the candidates who will be invited up to 4 (four) times the number of open workforce (the number of announced positions) to be determined by the notary public.

This ad references to Turkey Employment Agency relating to recruitment (işkur) out of internet addresses 03 - 12 between electronic (online) will be made. The place, date and time of the draw will be stated in the job announcement of ISKUR.

The trial period for those who will be appointed to all announced positions is 4857 (two) months in accordance with the Labor Law No. 2.

Applications of candidates who are later found to not meet the application requirements; It will be finalized at every stage of the announcement, drawing, examination and appointment processes.

at every stage of the recruitment process; All information and announcements regarding the place, date, time of the oral exam and the documents to be requested from the candidates to be appointed and the delivery date of the said documents, will be announced on the internet address. No written notification will be made to the candidates regarding these issues and these announcements will be in the form of notification.

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