It Is Possible To Treat Severe Respiratory Failure And Lung Damage Due To Coronavirus With Stem Cell!

It is possible to treat severe respiratory failure and lung damage due to coronavirus with the coccal cell
It is possible to treat severe respiratory failure and lung damage due to coronavirus with the coccal cell

📩 24/12/2020 14:26

Dr. Yüksel Büküşoğlu said, "Scientific studies show that Stem Cell therapy can be extremely beneficial in severe COVID-19 cases that do not respond to existing drug therapies."

Dr. Yüksel Büküşoğlu gave important information about the subject. The whole world is struggling with the coronavirus disease COVID-2020 epidemic, which caused very serious deaths in 19, imprisoned people at home, caused high job and economic losses, and above all showed no signs of decline. Scientists are struggling to contain the spread of the disease and treat patients. About 5-10% of people who have been exposed to this virus, especially elderly patients, those with chronic diseases, those who have weak immune system or use immunosuppressive drugs, develop severe acute respiratory failure, severe lung infection and damage in the later stages of the disease. is being lost. Finally, many scientific studies on the use of stem cells in the treatment of COVID-19 have been conducted. In the light of recent scientific studies, Dr. We consulted Yüksel Büküşoğlu's views.

Dr. Yüksel Büküşoğlu said: “Severe respiratory failure and severe lung damage caused by coronavirus infection is the primary cause of death in COVID-19 cases. We know that stem cells have immunomodulatory and healing properties and have been previously used to treat damage caused by some viral infections. Our adipose tissue is one of the most important sources of stem cells in our body. Coronavirus COVID-19 shows its effect with ACE-2, and adipose tissue is a very rich and important tissue in terms of ACE-2. Stem cells produced from adipose tissue have three main properties: Immunomodulatory, that is, the immune system regulating and healing properties, the second is anti-inflammatory, that is, anti-inflammatory reaction, reducing effects, and finally regenerative, restorative, repairing properties. Stem cells can suppress and prevent the exacerbation of the inflammatory reaction caused by the coronavirus in the lung tissue with many molecules they secrete. In addition, it can prevent the excessively alarmed cytokine storm by correcting and improving the immune system's responses. Thanks to its effects such as preventing the severe inflammatory reaction caused by the virus, preventing the exacerbation of the disease, repairing damaged lung tissues again and quickly, strengthening and regulating the immune system, Covid 19 patients can regain their health with a rapid effect. Moreover, thanks to the repair and regenerative properties of stem cells, severe damage to the lungs is also treated. With stem cell therapy, it is aimed to ensure that the patient's immune system resists the damage caused by Kovid-19 and regenerates the cells.

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