Is There a Curfew at the New Year? 4-Day Restriction Statement from President Erdoğan

Is there a curfew on New Year's Eve? Statement of daily restrictions from the president erdogan
Is there a curfew on New Year's Eve? Statement of daily restrictions from the president erdogan

The question of whether there will be a curfew at the beginning of the year became one of the most researched issues after the cabinet meeting. In the Covid-19 outbreak, the restrictions imposed to minimize the transmission rate of the virus include curfew and street restrictions by age groups. This year, New Year's Eve coincides with the start of the weekend, Thursday and Friday. So, will there be a curfew on New Year's Eve? Here is the last minute statement of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan regarding the curfew at the New Year after the cabinet meeting.

Stating that the vaccine procured from abroad will be available to the nation as soon as possible within the specified schedule and application, Erdoğan said that studies on domestic vaccine production are closely followed.

"Hopefully, we will get our own vaccine in the spring and move on to a much more common vaccination process." Erdogan emphasized that the measures will be strictly continued in this process.

President Erdogan continued as follows: kazanThe curfew will be applied uninterruptedly from 31:21.00 on Thursday, December 4, to 05.00:XNUMX on January XNUMX, in order to strengthen the streets. In order to support our healthcare professionals and other employees, public pre-school institutions will be able to continue their activities except for kindergarten classes. According to the cadres of our healthcare workers who lost their lives during the epidemic, their status of duty disability or occupational disease will be finalized quickly. Families of our disabled health workers will have many opportunities, from salaries to additional payments, from interest-free housing loans to education assistance for their children, from the right to employment to invoice reductions. I have assigned our Minister of Health and the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services to conclude this matter quickly.”

Stating that the institutions involved in the management of the epidemic process monitor all their work instantly, Erdoğan noted that they have the opportunity to take the necessary tightening or normalization steps whenever they want.

Erdogan, the world worse than being in the majority of European countries, especially Turkey, not far behind in the fight against Turkey's future secretions found that the sign that drew attention.

Underlining that the struggle will be concluded successfully, Erdogan said that they will continue to walk towards a bright future.


President Erdogan, Turkey's case for cooperation with international organizations and within the framework of the fight against the epidemic standards that determine their conduct transparent manner while emphasizing that country, he said:

“The method changes regarding statistics have always been made within the framework of these international practices. We manage the process by closely monitoring all developments, especially vaccine development studies, by suggesting compliance with the rules of cleaning, mask and distance, which we express as 'OK' at every opportunity. We determine the measures we take only by considering the life, health and future of our nation. After our last cabinet meeting, we shared with our nation the additional measures, including curfews, which we decided by looking at the increase in the number of cases and the occupancy rates in our hospitals. At our cabinet meeting today, we thoroughly evaluated the results of the measures taken. We have started to see the positive effects of the restrictions and other measures we have implemented with the great sacrifice of all members of our nation. It is a national duty for all of us to succeed in this struggle by following the rules more stringently. "


Expressing that they are trying to express their gratitude for the sacrifices of the nation with the support they have implemented and will realize, Erdoğan shared the following decisions in this context:

“We are extending the period of withholding tax on real estate rents, which we reduced from 20 percent to 10 percent until the end of the year, until 1 June. Similarly, we will continue to apply the VAT rate on business rental services, which we reduced from 18 percent to 8 percent, until June 1, as 8 percent. In order to minimize the impact of the epidemic, we also extended the durations of the VAT discounts, which we started in the middle of the year, from accommodation to eating and drinking, passenger transportation to maintenance repair, until June 1.

Stating that they have started preparations for income loss support with lease support for tradesmen, President Erdoğan said, “We have 806 citizens subject to simple procedure and 871 tradesmen directly affected by the epidemic due to restrictions. We will make a monthly support payment of 432 lira for 567 months to this segment, whose total number reaches 1 million 239 thousand 438 people. Taxes, minibuses and service operators, marketers, tailors, auto repair shops, restaurants, patisseries, men and women hairdressers, hostels, dormitories, kindergartens, wedding hall operators will benefit from the direct artisan support payment that we will give in the form of a grant. Thus, we offer a total of 3 billion 1000 million TL support from 1 billion 240 million lira per month to the service of our tradesmen. " he spoke.


Expressing that they determined the rent support to the tradesmen according to the conditions of being subject to a simple procedure, Erdoğan said:

“We will provide rental support of 3 lira per month in metropolitan cities and 750 lira in other provinces for 500 months to our tradesmen who meet these conditions and whose workplace is rent. Accordingly, we will grant a total of 432 billion 1 million TL of lease support from 300 million TL per month to our tradesmen. Within the framework of these two support items, we plan to provide a total of 3 billion TL grant support to our tradesmen for the next 5 months. We postpone the lease, final permit, final allocation, easement right, usage permit, utilization and revenue shares, and the payment terms of the foreigners for 1 year, without the requirement of application, of the tourism facilities on the treasury immovables and the sea tourism facilities. The contribution of this postponement to the tourism sector is 925 million TL. We also provided the municipalities with the opportunity to take a decision to reduce or postpone the fees arising from the right of easement, rental and similar use of the immovable properties owned or owned by them.

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