Hyundai Brand New Features with KONA was put up for sale in Turkey

b SUV segment leader Hyundai subject was presented with brand new properties for sale in Turkey
b SUV segment leader Hyundai subject was presented with brand new properties for sale in Turkey

Hyundai KONA, was launched in Turkey with a variety of engine options and trim levels. Enhancing its sporty and environmentally friendly features with its advanced engine options, the car also offers a pleasant experience during the journey with its connectivity and comfort equipment. All these innovations and more symbolize that they make KONA an even better product for Hyundai's Turkish and European customers.

Regarding the new model, which is aimed to maintain this claim in the coming years with its renewed features, powerful engine options and more stylish design, Hyundai Assan General Manager Murat Berkel said, “KONA has made a good start in the B-SUV segment since the first day it was put on the market and especially in the last two years. It has become one of the most popular models of our country. In 2020, it reached the top as the most preferred car of our customers in the B-SUV segment. With its new technological features, useful structure and stylish design, KONA's aim is to maintain the leadership in the B-SUV segment in 2021. For this, we rely on KONA's dynamic image and new generation mild hybrid engines that are as economical as they are performance ”.

Since its launch in 2017, KONA has written a success story for Hyundai in Europe and achieved a rapidly growing market share. In just three years, more than 410.000 units were sold in the region, making it one of Hyundai's most popular compact SUV models in Europe. With its stylish and distinctive design language, Hyundai KONA also received the 2018 iF Design Award, 2018 Red Dot Award and 2018 IDEA design award. kazanwas. Thus, its sophisticated design has attracted interest from both customers and top design authorities.

A brand new look and technological equipment

Hyundai KONA is considered an icon in its segment with its bold, advanced design and adventurous personality. Design innovations at the front and rear give the facelifted KONA an even more stylish and sophisticated look. kazanhe is gone.

It stands out with its remarkable new front design, sporty details and eye-catching plastic additions. The elongated bonnet at the top gives the KONA a powerful look while at the same time finishing sharply above the center grille. Improved LED daytime running lights provide a narrower and more impressive appearance. The downward bumper is also softly connected to the plastic fender parts. The new KONA is 40 mm longer and wider than the previous version in terms of its dimensions. With this increase, it offers a more elegant and dynamic appearance.

With this new product development, KONA will be available in a N Line version for the first time from January 2021, combining driving pleasure with an emotional appearance. The KONA N Line stands out with its sporty front and rear sections, body color finishes and special diamond-cut rim design.

The front of the KONA N Line is characterized by the dynamic properties of the front bumper and is integrated into the body color of the plastic wheel arches. The bumper part of the new KONA has been replaced in the N Line version with a diffuser positioned lower for a sportier look. This larger, wider air intake rear bumper makes it look different from its other siblings with its unique design. In addition, the double-outlet end silencer positioned on the right continues the sporty atmosphere. N-style blades are also included in the rear corners for better air flow. By the way, New KONA comes with 10 body colors and black interior color.

The interior of the new KONA is designed to express a sportier and more modern appearance than before. The stylish body of the vehicle and the solid stance that will attract the attention of customers with an active lifestyle continues with a refined look in the cabin. While this visual change is provided by technological equipment, the perceived quality level also increases.

The new console area is separated from the dashboard to emphasize the horizontal layout. The instrument panel offers a wide and airy look to create a more technological and more spacious atmosphere. In line with customer demands, while the electric parking brake takes its place in the equipment table, the new ambient ambient lighting technology also highlights the sporty and modern lifestyle character of the vehicle by illuminating the middle cup holder, passenger and driver side leg compartment.

New loops around the speakers and aluminum-coated air vents also create a higher level of quality and elegance. In addition, the USB port, which increases the comfort for the passengers in the back seat, allows mobile devices to be easily charged, especially on long journeys. The 20 inch digital information and entertainment screen, which was first introduced in the New i10,25, is also offered at the Elite hardware level in New KONA. This high-quality unit comes with split-screen functionality and Bluetooth connectivity. Hyundai KONA also offers an 8-inch information display in lower trim levels.

The renewed KONA has 3 different driving modes as Eco, Comfort and Sport. Thanks to this feature, it provides a superior experience to its user by offering different driving pleasure. The selected driving mode also integrates with the 10.25 inch supervision display information display and changes the graphic theme of the display.

The new KONA stands out with its safety and driving support features as well as comfort equipment. Active safety measures such as Lane and Track Assist, Pre-Collision Assist are standard on KONA, including entry-level equipment packages.

Renewed Engines and New Suspension System

Hyundai KONA comes with three new engine options that are both sporty and environmentally friendly. The 136-horsepower 1.6-liter diesel engine in KONA provides approximately 48 percent fuel economy compared to the previous model thanks to the newly added 10V mild hybrid technology. With its renewed diesel engine, KONA stands out with its efficient fuel consumption as well as its performance.

The 1.6-liter gasoline engine produces 198 horsepower, making Hyundai KONA the most powerful car in its class. Thanks to this turbocharged engine, KONA, which accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers in 7.7 seconds, attracts the attention of users who expect power and performance.

Users who want a more economical engine option can now choose the 7-liter gasoline engine that comes with a 1.0-speed DCT transmission. This turbocharged engine, which produces 120 horsepower, consumes only 100 liters of fuel per 5.3 km, offering an alternative to the diesel engine.

The new KONA has also undergone a series of chassis updates for a smoother ride compared to its predecessor. The suspension has been re-tuned to improve driving comfort, without compromising the KONA's sporty character. In addition to the springs and shock absorbers, the stabilizer bars have been changed for better driving comfort and better sound insulation.

Four different equipment levels

The new KONA has four different trim levels: "Style", "Smart", "Elite" and "N Line". While the KONA 1.0 liter T-GDI and 7DCT transmission combination is only available with the Style trim level, it is necessary to select the Smart, Elite and N Line trim levels for greater comfort.

KONA's 1.0 liter turbo gasoline engine option starts from 281.000 TL. The highest trim level, 1.6 liter diesel 48 MHEV Elite, has a label of 358.000 TL.

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