Horizontal Drilling is Performed Against Floods at Dilovası West Junction

Horizontal drilling is being carried out against floods at the west crossroad of dilovası
Horizontal drilling is being carried out against floods at the west crossroad of dilovası

On days of heavy rains, the D-100 Highway could be closed to traffic in the directions of Istanbul and Ankara due to possible floods at the Batı Köprülü Junction in Kocaeli Dilovası district. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality İSU General Directorate started to work with the security measures taken by the General Directorate of Highways on the road in order to eliminate this situation. Within the scope of the project, which has an approximate cost of 2 million 100 thousand TL, ISU teams are currently drilling horizontally towards Dilderesi under the junction arm used to return to Dilovası district center.


As part of the work, ISU teams started the horizontal drilling work. Within the scope of the project, the teams of ISU General Directorate will manufacture 310 meters of rainwater line from the area where flooding may occur to Dil Creek where the water will be discharged. The stormwater line, which will cross the D-100 highway from north to south, will continue in the direction of Dil Stream with a horizontal drilling work under the south leg of the Western Junction and the participation branch on the south. Steel pipes will be used in the horizontal drilling works, one of which is 75 meters and the other 45 meters.


The horizontally bored stormwater line to be built within the project will prevent floods that may occur in the bridge crossroad area in excessive rainfall. The rain water coming under the bridge with the line to be built will be discharged into Dil Creek.


In Kocaeli, especially in the spring months, floods can occur in certain parts of the city. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which wants to put an end to such situations, will carry out horizontal drilling and rainwater line manufacturing at the Batı Köprülü Junction in the D-100 Highway Dilovası district. With the work done, floods that occur during rainfall will be prevented and the traffic of the D-100 Highway in the Istanbul and Ankara directions will continue without a hitch.

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