Forbidden Shift in Transportation Has Restarted in Bursa

Forbidden work has started again in Bursa
Forbidden work has started again in Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which renewed the 11-kilometer route by pouring about 1 thousand tons of asphalt during the curfews applied on weekends between April 28 and June 80 in Bursa due to the corona virus epidemic, restarted the 'forbidden shift' in transportation. Turning curfews into opportunities, Metropolitan and BUSKI teams speeded up their efforts to asphalting and bringing manhole covers to road level at night.

In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which has commissioned a comprehensive support package such as disinfection activities, vitamin C support packages for citizens and healthcare workers in quarantine, food aid for tradesmen whose workplaces are closed, reduction in water bills, and deferral of municipal claims, turns it into opportunity. With the decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, during the curfews applied on weekends between April 11 and June 1, the Mudanya road, T1, T3 tram lines, Setbaşı, Yeşil, Namazgah, İpekçilik and Gökdere - The roads that could not be maintained for years between the novices were completely renewed. The 28-kilometer route was renewed by pouring about 80 thousand tons of asphalt with the works carried out in the curfews applied in this period.

Prohibition shift has begun

Due to peak in Turkey, the number of cases began to re-apply curfews are being transformed by the Municipality of opportunity again. Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department teams and BUSKI teams pressed the button to realize the works that could not be realized due to heavy traffic. While asphalt, pavement and traffic signalization works were carried out in Kestel District Uludağ Street and Kestel Junction, in Osmangazi District Hancı Junction; Excavation, filling and lighting works, which were initiated to reduce traffic density within the scope of the smart intersection, continue. Yıldırım District Namazgah Street parquet, border and sidewalk construction work, Acemler Bus transfer station and Park-Continue parking area parquet, border and pavement manufacturing, Gemlik District New State Hospital Road Parquet, border and pavement construction work on Irmak Street, İnegöl District Karalar Road parquet, sidewalk and bicycle path manufacturing and İnegöl Yenice Pond landscaping parquet and pavement productions continue at full speed.

On the other hand, BUSKI teams have speeded up their efforts to bring the manhole covers that endanger the traffic especially on the main roads due to the fact that they are below the ground level. With the works initiated on the Bursa Ankara road in the first place, the manhole covers that remain above the road level are brought to the same level with the road, providing safe and comfortable transportation for drivers.

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