TCDD Made a Statement on Marmaray Transfer Fees

Explanation of tcddden marmaray transfer fees
Explanation of tcddden marmaray transfer fees

TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. The General Directorate announced that some newspapers and internet news sites contained false information about the payment of 7,00 TL, regardless of how many stops on the Marmaray Line, with information from the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Having published a written statement about the said news, TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. General Directorate; Regarding these news today; Marmaray is planned as the main transportation backbone like the metrobus line. In the fee collection system, Marmaray and metrobus lines are defined as a system that does not accept transfer.

Although it was stated in the previous UKOME decisions, no justification was given when the decision was made, and only the transfer system of Marmaray was changed without changing the transfer system of the metrobus line.
As we objected to the exorbitant 06% increase in public transportation in Istanbul, which was proposed by IMM and accepted by IMM representatives with the decision dated 02/2020/2020, numbered 1 / 6-35, we also objected to the wrong and unlawful decision made in this way.

The court proceedings of our objection for the cancellation of the 35% increase made by IMM to public transportation are continuing.
Marmaray; It continues to operate in the same system as Metrobus, and the changes to be made should include both systems in order for the system to work efficiently.

As a result of the suspension of execution of the Istanbul 10th Administrative Court's decision numbered 2020/728 and the Istanbul UKOME decision dated February 6, 2020, the pricing of Marmaray returned to its status on March 13, 2019 and became the same as the metrobus.

The pricing of Marmaray tickets is determined as 6 levels according to the number of stops, and our passengers are at the shortest distance between 1-7 stops, which are the shortest distance to the stop they board, 3,50 TL, discounted 1,70 TL, the furthest distance 36-43 stops is exactly 7,75 TL pays 3,50 TL at a discount.

The information that the passengers will be paid 7 TL regardless of how many stops they go, is a lie, and the passengers pay as much as the stop they go.

The court process of the case we have filed for the cancellation of the 35% increase decision made by IMM for public transportation is also followed.

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