Statement by EGO about the News in Hürriyet

Explanation about the news in the ego free
Explanation about the news in the ego free

After the images published by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality AK Party Altındağ Council Member Mr. Sinan Burhan from his social media account were featured in Hürriyet newspaper, the General Directorate of EGO published a statement.

EGO's explanation is as follows; “Citizens are traveling back to back”, published in the Ankara Supplement of Hürriyet Newspaper on December 15, 2020, with reference to the post of Mr. Sinan Burhan, a member of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality AK Party Altındağ Council, on his social media account (Twitter), was examined by our General Directorate.

As a result of the investigation, Mr. Sinan Burhan said, “You have extended the time interval of the buses that arrive every 15 minutes to 45 minutes. It was understood that the area he pointed out with the phrase “the queues are long at the stops” are the stop places on Atatürk Boulevard, between İzmir 1st Street and Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard. In this area, we have 11600 stops numbered 11602, 11603, 11604, 11605, 11606, 11607, 11608, 11609 and 9 and 24 EGO and ÖHO bus lines that receive passengers from these stops.

From our bus stop number 11604, which has been announced in front, our vehicles with line number 261 Safes-Ministry, 263 Etlik-Down Entertainment-Ministry, 278 Yükseltepe-Sancaktepe-Estergon Caddesi-Ulus-Sıhhiye-Kızılay and 279 Yükseltepe-Ayvalı-Ulus-Red Crescent are taking passengers and Service is provided every 17.00 minutes on average starting from 10:20.30 in accordance with the distribution hours. The average arrival time of our vehicles departing from other stops is around 10 minutes until 9. In other words, as stated in the news text and video, our citizens waiting at the stop do not wait for the vehicle of a single route from a single stop area, but for the vehicles coming from 24 routes in 17.00 stop areas. The station numbers and the average number of service passengers of the vehicles arriving at the station between 20.30-35 are 1 people and are shown in the annex table (Annex XNUMX).

As it is known, in the decision of Ankara Governorship, Provincial Health Directorate, Provincial General Hygiene Board (UHK) dated 08.09.2020 and numbered 2020/71, "standing passenger transport mainly; To be able to carry standing passengers up to 30% of the standing passenger capacity written in the vehicle licenses by sitting as much as the seat capacity written in the vehicle licenses in a way that is not contrary to the physical distance rules, and if there is a reciprocal seating arrangement, sitting diagonally by leaving one seat empty and not facing each other. The matter has been specified. Therefore, this capacity utilization rate is meticulously complied with in EGO General Directorate vehicles, Private Public Buses (ÖHO) and Special Tolu Transport Vehicles (ELV). In the examination, it was understood that the vehicle whose interior view was broadcast in the video was a Private Public Bus. Moreover, administrative sanctions and penal sanctions are immediately applied to vehicle operators who do not comply with the decision of the UHK.

As for the images used to show the so-called density in subways:

Again, in the second part of the video, 01.12.2020C Beylikdüzü, which was used in the news article titled "Public transport disgrace in Istanbul continues at full speed", published in Sabah Newspaper dated 34,CevizliIt has been understood that the vehicle taking service on the Bağ Metrobus line, that is, a Metrobus image of an unknown time when it was taken in Istanbul (Annex2: Photographs).

In addition, images of the door gap where the movement of passengers landing and boarding in the Ankara Metro and the station passenger waiting platforms is high were taken and seat passengers inside the wagon were reflected. In the UHK Decision dated 08.09.2020 and numbered 2020/71, subways were allowed to carry passengers standing up to 50% of the standing and sitting capacity as much as the seat capacity. Therefore, in the images inside the train, there is no situation contrary to the decisions of the UHK. In the morning and evening hours, which we call the peak hour, when the highest passenger density is experienced, the number of trips has been increased so that the voyage intervals are every 5 minutes in the subway and every 4,2 minutes in Ankaray.

During the coronavirus pandemic, which continues to affect our country and our province, our organization EGO General Directorate, within the adjacent area of ​​Ankara province, with Tire Wheel (EGO Bus, Private Public Bus, Private Public Transport Vehicle) and Rail System (Metro-Ankaray) vehicles, In the transportation service, with our vehicles that are regularly cleaned, disinfected and sterilized within the existing vehicles and personnel possibilities, service planning is carried out in accordance with the decision of the Ankara Provincial General Hygiene Board and published Circulars.

We share with the public the result of our investigation against Mr. Burhan's allegations, and present the validity of these unfounded claims to the discretion of our dear citizens. " It was said.

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