Everything You Need To Know About Vehicle Comprehensive Insurance

Everything you need to know about car insurance
Everything you need to know about car insurance

Have you taken precautions against unexpected dangers that may happen to your vehicle, which has been accumulated for many years or whose payments are still continuing? No matter how well you protect your vehicle, which you frequently drive, sometimes your vehicle may be damaged due to the negligence of different drivers. Even your car parked in front of your house can be the victim of carelessness of different drivers.

In addition, dangerous situations are not limited to driver errors. Events such as earthquakes, floods, fire or terrorist attacks can also cause damage to your vehicle. It is very necessary to protect your vehicle against all these risks and to take precautions against all dangers that may happen to your vehicle.

Your Vehicle is Under Protection with Extended Insurance

Since it is not possible to wait at the beginning of the 7/24 against disasters that may happen to your vehicle, the best thing to do is to insure your vehicle. Thanks to the insurance process, you can be cautious against possible disasters by securing both your vehicle and your budget.

At this point, you can benefit from the United Motor Own Damage Insurance service, which includes all the insurances that your vehicle may need. United Insurance; It is a wide variety of insurance that provides protection to your vehicle against earthquake, flood, strike, lockout, public movements and terrorist damages. With Birleşik Kasko, your vehicle can stay safe in any situation.

What are the Advantages of Combined Motor Insurance?

  • Your latest model vehicles are fully covered by Birleşik Sigorta. If the first one-year period of insurance is continuing when your latest model vehicle comes to one of the conditions stated within the scope of insurance or when your vehicle is stolen; The same of your vehicle is taken and delivered to you.
  • Your vehicle is protected against earthquakes, floods, strikes, lockouts, public movements and terrorist damages, and in these cases, all damages to your vehicle are covered by the insurance.
  • Provides Anadolu Mini Repair Service. Anadolu Mini Repair Service, as long as your policy is valid; It offers a free service for minor damage to your vehicle. Also included in your policy
  • All damages within the scope of Anadolu Mini Repair Service are repaired while preserving the originality of your vehicle.
    Extended Insurance provides 7/24 service so that you can reach it whenever you call.

What are the Differences Between Motor Own Damage Insurance and Traffic Insurance?

Car insurance and traffic insurance are often confused with each other, but they are completely different types of insurance.

  • Traffic insurance is a type of insurance that is mandatory in accordance with the Highway Traffic Law. It is done optionally with motor own damage insurance.
  • Traffic insurance offers an advantage in terms of not victimizing the other party. Compulsory Traffic Insurance covers the damages that may occur on the opposite side in the event of an accident, while the insurance covers the damages related to your own vehicle.
  • The limits of Traffic Insurance are determined and fixed by the state. This means that in the event of an accident, the damages of the other party will be covered within a certain limit. Fees exceeding these limits can be paid with motor own damage policy. In motor own damage insurance, you can determine the limits within your needs. For example; As a result of the accident, there was a loss of 30.000 TL in the vehicle of the other party and Traffic Insurance covers 20.000 TL of this damage. If the conditions of the motor own damage policy are appropriate, the remaining 10.000 TL in between is paid. However, if he does not have a helmet, the person has to cover this cost with his own means.

Important Terms Related to Vehicle Insurance

If you are a new driver or if you are going to have your vehicle covered for the first time, it is useful to know exactly what some insurance terms mean.

Insured: It is the person who is secured against risks.

Insurer: It is the institution that guarantees protection of the insured against risks if they fulfill the specified conditions.

What is Insurance Policy ?: It is the document explaining the mutual actions between the insured and the insurer within the scope of the insurance. This document contains all the insurance conditions. In the event of a disaster that may happen to your vehicle, you can learn in detail how you can benefit from the opportunities on the insurance policy.

What is the Motor Insurance Value List? : Casco Car Value List is published each month by Turkey Insurance Association Reinsurance and Pension Companies. Thanks to the automobile value list, the insurance cost can be calculated according to the model and year of your vehicle. Insurance companies arrange the car insurance price in their insurance policies according to this list. You can click here for the current version of the list.

Premium: The coverage given is the fee taken from the insurer.

Guarantee: It is the amount of money paid by the insurer to the insured in the event of the risks specified in the policy of the insurer. This amount has been previously stated in the insurance policy.

What is the Risk? : As a term, it means a danger that threatens the interests of the individual. In insurance; It can be defined as potential risks that harm the insured and have material measurability.

What is an Addendum? : Insurance policies may need to be regulated in some cases. If there is an erroneous information in your insurance policy or the information in the policy needs to be updated, the policy is edited. The name of the document created after this arrangement is an addendum.

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