An Imposing Work 'Erciyes Mountain' from Metropolitan Cultural Publications

Mount Erciyes
Mount Erciyes

The Erciyes Mountain, which was photographed by Dursun Çiçek, who is the Editor-in-Chief of the magazines named Şehir Kültür Sanat and the Thinking City, brought to the city by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, with all its splendor, majesty and beauty, was put into a book.

Turkey is one of the most beautiful and majestic mountains, clouds pierce the summit, not the top of the missing wife and offering people the divine feelings in her greatness, a symbol of Kayseri Erciyes Mountain, it's also a source of inspiration for photographers. 260 photographs taken by Dursun Çiçek, who was also the Editor-in-Chief of Şehir Kültür Sanat and Düşünen Şehir magazines brought to the city by the Metropolitan Municipality, were published in a book called “Erciyes Mountain”.

Describing the photographs he took as "the humanized manifestation and manifestation in the human being flowing from the Gönül Mountain to Erciyes, and from Erciyes to the hearts", Çiçek, in the introduction of the book, the determining effect of Mount Erciyes in the field of art and culture, its symbolic dimension in religious meaning, its ontological meaning, political and It also draws attention with information such as its reflection in economic life. Çiçek, who is also the project coordinator of the Erciyes Mountain book, said in a statement about the book, “You cannot comprehend the cities with mountains without understanding the mountain. In this sense, understanding Kayseri requires a little bit of understanding Erciyes. The influence and determination of a mountain on a city is closely related to the appearance, culture, art and even social character of the city. Because Erciyes is not just a mountain; it is the embodiment of a soul. Therefore, the photographs you will watch and read with 260 photographs in the book are the manifestations and manifestations that are humanized in human beings that flow from the mountain of hearts to Erciyes and from Erciyes to the hearts. It is the moments when the secret of man and the secret of the mountain intersect and the present addressee of the trust and the first addressee become interconnected. In this work, the magnificence, majesty and beauty of Mount Erciyes is illustrated with pictures ”.

The publication coordinator of the Erciyes Mountain book published by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Culture Publications was Salih Özgöncü, while Erkan Küp, Maide Güzeloğlu and Mustafa Erdoğdu are in the editorial board. The cover and design of the book belong to Ali Saraçoğlu.



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