Drugs worth 13 Million TL Seized at Istanbul Airport

Drugs worth a million TL were seized at Istanbul airport
Drugs worth a million TL were seized at Istanbul airport

In three operations carried out at Istanbul Airport, 155,2 kilograms of drugs hidden in tropical fruits, textiles and luggage were found.

Ministry of Commerce Customs Enforcement teams took action after the plane carrying the passenger, who was considered risky in the first operation, landed at Istanbul Airport.

The suitcases of the suspect passenger unloaded from the plane were first checked with an x-ray scanning device.

When suspicious density was found in the suitcases, a search was made with narcotic detector dogs. A search made after the dogs reacted to the suitcases, it was seen that there were tropical fruits in the suitcases.

When the outer surfaces of the fruits were cut, it was determined that a foreign substance was wanted to be hidden in the capsule inside. It was understood that the samples were heroin in the analysis made with the drug and chemical substance detection device. 67 kilograms of heroin hidden in a total of 2,2 capsules were seized.

In the second operation, risk analysis studies brought within the scope of suspected drug-passenger Turkey, was followed by Customs Enforcement teams.

The suspect's suitcases were checked with both x-ray machine and narcotic detector dogs. During the controls, suitcases thought to contain drugs were sent to the passenger lounge. The suspect was expected to receive his luggage for the operation.

The suspect, who was determined to want to leave the airport without receiving the luggage, was stopped by the teams. 57 kilograms of marijuana hidden under textile items were seized in the suspect's luggage

In the third of the operations carried out by the teams in a short time, 96 kilograms of marijuana hidden in the luggage of the stopped foreign passenger were found.

155,2 kilograms of drugs were seized in three operations, 3 suspects were detained.

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