Dental Health is Neglected in Quarantine

Dental health is neglected in quarantine
Dental health is neglected in quarantine

People who are locked in their homes due to the coronavirus do not care enough about their dental health. The perception that brushing teeth is a personal hygiene when you go out and participate in a social action peaked in quarantine. In addition, there is a danger of changing the palate shape for the elderly who do not wear their dentures during the day because they do not communicate.

A member of the Aesthetic Dentists Academy Association and DentaLuna Clinic Owner Dentist Arzu Yalnız Zogun warns about paying attention to dental and oral health when staying at home.

Use dentures attention

Arzu Yalnız Zogun stated that the old people who were at home during this process did not communicate and removed their dentures and said, “This is a wrong behavior. Although they do not communicate, dentures should not be removed for long hours. As you do this, the shape of the palate can change. You can only take it out while lying down or for 3-5 hours, ”he said. Indicating that the elderly should definitely consume too much water, Zogun said, "If the wet tissues remain dry, the palate may become sensitive."

'Our frequency of eating has increased'

Zogun pointed out that people who stay at home do not pay enough attention to dental care. “Some people have the perception that brushing is a personal hygiene when going out and participating in a social action. This is absolutely wrong. On the contrary, we should be more careful as the frequency of eating increases during this period and the snacks and main meals are mixed together ”.

'Be a role model for children'

Zogun stated that teeth should be brushed for at least two meals a day and an interface brush and dental floss should be used, and gave the following information about dental health in children: “While children care to brush their teeth before going to school or going to bed, sufficient care is not taken during this period. Families should encourage this issue. They should also be role models by brushing their teeth. It is also important to take vitamin C during this period. "

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