Atatürk Mansion Hosted 369 Thousand 730 Tourists

Ataturk kosku hosted a thousand tourists
Ataturk kosku hosted a thousand tourists

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu said that Trabzon stands out with its natural beauties as well as cultural assets and historical structures.

Pointing out that the city attracts attention from local and foreign tourists in this context, Zorluoğlu stated that the Atatürk Mansion in the Soğuksu District is also an important destination visited in the city.

Most July and August

Emphasizing that the Atatürk Mansion attracted attention despite the Kovid-19 process, Zorluoğlu said: “With the normalization process under pandemic measures, our Atatürk Mansion hosted 11 local and foreign tourists in the 369-month period of the year. We got the most visitor potential in July and August. Our city has earned approximately 730 million 2 thousand 119 liras from these visits. In this context, we believe that our Atatürk Mansion will complete the year with good numbers in terms of visitors, and that these numbers will multiply with the new tourism season. "

Atatürk pavilion

The mansion, where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk stayed in the city on September 15, 1924, is located in the pine forests in Soğuksu District. Various ethnographic works of furniture, porcelains, carpets and Atatürk's paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries are exhibited in the mansion.

On June 10, 1937, when Atatürk made his third and last visit to the mansion, he decided to present all his assets to the Turkish nation, prepared a list of his assets and instructed the Prime Ministry to do what is necessary. Regarding Atatürk's gift of his assets in the section called “The Will Room” in the mansion, he said, “I live the happiest moments of my life that I can remember. It was destined to complete this job, which I thought years ago, in Trabzon. " There is a sign with his word.

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