Administrative Fines for the Protection of Consumers Increased

Administrative fines for the protection of consumers increased
Administrative fines for the protection of consumers increased

Administrative fines stipulated in the Law on Consumer Protection were increased at the revaluation rate. The Communiqué on Administrative Fines to be Imposed in 6502 in accordance with Article 77 of the Law on the Protection of Consumers No.2021 was published in the Official Gazette effective from January 1, 2021.

Accordingly, the retail consumers to places where the sale of supply of goods in or on the shelves for consumers to pay all taxes, including sales price, unit price and the date they started to be implemented, the production of good location and distinctive properties and production site identified by the Ministry of Commerce for goods and Turkey placing a label containing the announced local production logo; In cases where it is not possible to put a label, lists containing the same information should be posted in appropriate places so that they can be seen. Lists showing the tariffs and prices of the services offered to consumers have to be arranged in the same way. In case of violation of these legal obligations, an administrative fine of 452 lira will be imposed per each transaction.

Warranty certificate, credit card without dues

In the event that the warranty certificate and the introduction and user manual in Turkish are not prepared in accordance with the legislation, the manufacturer and the importer; If the documents in question are not delivered to the consumer at all or in accordance with the legislation, the seller will be fined 452 lira.

The amount of administrative fines to be applied to the relevant institutions in the event that a credit card without dues payment is not offered to consumers, has been increased to 11 million 432 thousand 783 liras.

An administrative fine of 1 million 143 thousand 274 lira will also be imposed on sellers who sell housing or timeshare residences with prepaid housing sales contracts that do not provide building completion insurance or coverage in thirty or more residential and construction projects.

Ads that deceive consumers

Administrative fines for deceptive commercial advertisements were increased to 22 thousand 861 liras if they were made through a television channel broadcasting at the local level, and 457 thousand 308 lira if they were made through a television channel broadcasting at the country level.

An administrative fine of 228 thousand 654 lira will be imposed if the violation has been committed through periodical broadcasting at the country level, 114 thousand 326 if it has occurred through radio and internet broadcasting at the country level, and 11 thousand 429 lira if it is committed through radio and text messages at the local level.

Although they are not food products, the production, marketing, importation of products that appear different from what they are due to their shape, odor, color, appearance, packaging, label, volume or size and therefore endanger the health and safety of consumers by mixing with food products, especially by children. and those who do not comply with the ban on exports will be fined 11 Turkish lira for each transaction.

452 lira for each transaction

Administrative fines per transaction in case of violation of general principles were also rearranged.

Contracts stipulated to be arranged in writing in the law and notifications are not arranged in 12-point size, a copy of the contracts is not given to the consumers, the conditions stipulated in the contracts are changed against the consumers within the contract period, the information on all kinds of fees and expenses to be demanded from the consumers is not given to the consumers as an annex of the contract, or refraining from selling the service to consumers without a justified reason, sending or providing unordered goods or services to consumers, not informing consumers about their right of withdrawal, not applying the necessary interest and commission discounts in case of early payment by consumers in installment sales contracts, pre-contractual agreements in consumer loans and housing finance contracts. If the information form is not given to consumers, an administrative fine of 452 lira will be imposed per each transaction.

In the event of changes in the interest rate in indefinite-term consumer loan contracts, the consumers are not informed 30 days in advance, the contract provisions determined to be unfair conditions are not removed from the consumer contracts within the given period, and the introduction and user guide, warranty document, distance contracts, package tour contracts and In case of violation of the terms of subscription agreements, the penalty amount will be 452 TL per transaction.

Consumer loan and housing finance agreements

An administrative fine of 2 thousand 282 Turkish lira per transaction for the lending institutions that violate the provisions of the law's right of withdrawal, interest rate, early payment, default, insurance in consumer loan and housing finance contracts and demand fees and expenses from accounts opened for fixed-term loan agreements. will be applied.

However, an administrative fine of 2 thousand 282 lira will be imposed per each transaction against the provisions of prepaid housing sales contracts and timeshare and long-term vacation service contracts. The amount of penalty per house that was sold with a prepaid house sales contract and not delivered within 36 months was determined as 45 thousand 728 TL.

Sellers who sign and establish prepaid housing and timeshare sales contracts with consumers without obtaining a building license, sellers who do not obtain an authorization certificate from the Ministry of Commerce in order to make contracts with consumers outside the workplace, and manufacturers and importers who do not receive the after-sales service qualification certificate from the Ministry of Commerce. An administrative fine will be imposed.

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