A Culture Specific to Ice and Winter Sports Will Be Created in Erzurum

A culture specific to ice and winter sports will be created in Erzurum
A culture specific to ice and winter sports will be created in Erzurum

He said, “Even in front of Erzurum Winter Tourism”, he said that the main goal is to create a culture specific to winter sports in the city.

Ahmet Temurci, General Manager of International Organizations and Foreign Relations, together with EYOF 2017 Erzurum General Coordinator and Head of International Events Department Necati Kaplan discussed winter sports with the staff of Erzurum Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate.

Temurci, who came to Erzurum to get information about the winter sports facilities and international organizations of Erzurum, which has proven itself in the world in terms of Winter Sports Tourism and International Winter Sports Organizations, made important statements.

"Erzurum, even in front of winter tourism," said the International Organizations and Foreign Relations General Manager Ahmet Temurc, "the name of Turkey and Erzurum between winter and ice sports must for us. Our main goal is to create a sports culture specific to winter and ice sports in Erzurum. Erzurum is the most suitable center for this with its infrastructure and facilities, ”he said.


Turkey's only summer and winter host the Olympics is not only Temurc specifies that the successful hosting of any major sports organization out of it, "the Erzurum 2011 Universiade and one of the cities that have successfully two giant organizations such as the 2017 EYOF. Our country hosted many giant organizations. In short, we can say that Turkey is a haven for the organization. We have organized serious international organizations in 20 years as a country ”.


Turkey's finally underlined that hosted the European Gymnastics Championships hosted by the Mersin International Organizations and Foreign Affairs General Manager Ahmed Temurc of, "You know, Azerbaijan, Armenia and the European championships in his because of the war for Karabakh and Azerbaijan to us for our organized offered us. We gladly accepted it and made everything ready in a short time and held the European Gymnastics Championship. The Turkish nation is incredibly practical in these matters. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the organization ”.


Turkey's tesisleşme attack in front of the world with a lot of European countries now stated that the Temurc, "has modern stadiums and sports facilities in our country. international sports organizations of all kinds can be easily made in Turkey. Because we have enough facilities for this. In addition, our sports facilities are younger than European facilities and their infrastructure is equipped according to the requirements of the age. Our facilities are very modern and even ahead of Europe. Turkey resort for rich countries can say to boast to their expression, "he said.


International Organizations and Foreign Affairs General Manager Ahmed Temurc of Turkey, noting that important threshold jump in international organizations, "11. We consider sports tourism strategically within the scope of development programs. Just like health tourism, ”he said.


General Manager of Temurc, "We will prepare Turkey's Sport Tourism Inventory saying," he continued as follows:

“We will make the sports tourism inventory of our country. We turned it into an action plan. The coronavirus (Kovid-19) pandemic also taught us the marketing of the business. We came to Erzurum and saw the facilities on site first. Then we watched the presentation prepared by our Provincial Directorate. It was great for us. "

General Manager Temurci added that they also put the Spor In Turkey Facebook page into service to reach a wider audience.

Meanwhile, Youth and Sports Provincial Director Fuat Taşkesenligil made a presentation about the activities of the institution and sports organizations. EYOF 2017 Erzurum General Coordinator and Head of International Organizations Department Necati Kaplan accompanied General Manager Temurci's visit to Erzurum.

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