6 Million Fines for 5.8 Ships Polluting Izmit Bay

million fines for the ship that pollutes the Izmit Bay
million fines for the ship that pollutes the Izmit Bay

📩 31/12/2020 15:32

Marine inspection teams of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department do not allow pollution in the Gulf of Izmit. The teams, working on a 7/24 basis, imposed a total fine of 2020 million 6 thousand 5 TL on 819 ships in 824.


In 2006, the authority to determine the pollution caused by ships and other marine vessels in the Gulf of Izmit and to make administrative sanctions decision was given to the Department of Environmental Protection and Control. The control ship, acquired for this purpose, closely monitors marine pollution caused by ships and other marine vessels in the Gulf of Izmit.


The Metropolitan Municipality conducts air pollution inspections from ships and marine vessels by sea control aircraft to keep the Izmit Bay clean. As part of the work that has been going on since 2007, the sea control plane became the nightmare of the ships polluting the Izmit Bay.


Marine inspection teams of the Environmental Protection and Control Department carried out 2020 inspections in 361. During these inspections, 6 million 5 thousand 819 TL administrative fines were imposed on 824 ships that were found to have contaminated the Gulf of Izmit. One ship polluting the sea was detected during the seaplane inspections. Thanks to strict inspections; It was ensured that the illegal discharges carried out by the ships and the number of punishments were decreased every year.


Environmental Protection and Control Department teams continued their general environmental pollution controls throughout the year. The teams conducted 502 audits during the year. During these inspections, 956 incidents that were observed negatively were intervened. 58 incidents were forwarded to the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization as per their authorization.


Environmental teams; It inspected 2020 workplaces in 158 against air pollution caused by heating. During the inspections, it was observed that these workplaces were operating in accordance with the legislation.


As a result of exposure to environmental noise, the Metropolitan Municipality takes the necessary measures in order not to deteriorate the peace and quiet of the people and physical and mental health. Environmental teams continued their inspections throughout the city. The teams carried out 703 inspections against noise pollution. In these inspections, which caused noise pollution, 10 workplaces were fined 366 thousand 675 TL.

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