25 vehicles on 43 lines will travel in Antalya on days of restriction

In Antalya, on the days of restriction, the vehicle will travel on the line
In Antalya, on the days of restriction, the vehicle will travel on the line

📩 31/12/2020 16:00

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality put 4 lines on the voyage for citizens who have to work in the 25-day curfew that will start tonight. In the restriction, 43 transportation vehicles with black plates belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality will serve between 25-06.00 on 21.00 lines.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality made public transportation planning due to the curfew, which will start at 31:2020 on Thursday, 21.00 December 4 and end at 2021 on Monday, 05.00 January 25, within the scope of the last circular of the Ministry of Interior. There will be voyages on 25 lines to ensure the transportation of health personnel, public and other employees who must work during the restriction. Black plate public transportation vehicles belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality will be served with 43 transportation vehicles on XNUMX lines with diluted flights.


According to the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System, VF01, VF02, AC03, AF04 / A, KC06, LC07A, KL08, LF09, LF10, UC11, VL13 / A, DC15 / A, TC16, CV17, VS18 , MD25, KC35, MF40, TK51, KF52, VML54A, VF66, FL82, DM86 and 600 plate number main and trunk lines will continue their voyages on the days with curfew. Public transportation vehicles will start their first voyage at 06.00 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, where there is a curfew, and will complete their last voyage at 21.00. The trips will take place at 60 minute intervals. It was stated that citizens can also obtain information about the lines from the Call Center numbered 606 07 07 and the Antalyakart application.

Antray and Nostalgic tram will not be available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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