227 Kilograms of Marijuana Seized at the İpsala Customs Gate

Kilograms of marijuana seized at the ipsala gumruk door
Kilograms of marijuana seized at the ipsala gumruk door

257 kilograms of cannabis were seized in the operation carried out at the İpsala Customs Gate by the Customs Enforcement Team of the Ministry of Commerce.

a truck from Greece to Turkey with foreign license plates, the analysis results were considered risky. When the suspect truck arrived at the İpsala Customs Gate, it was referred to x-ray scanning. In the x-ray scan of the truck in question, suspicious density was found under its trailer.

As the detector dogs reacted to the base of the trailer, the trailer was cut and opened. In the search made by the Customs Enforcement teams, it was determined that all of the secret compartments created under the trailer floor were filled with drugs.

185 kilograms of drugs in the seized 257 packages were found to be cannabis in the analysis performed with a drug test device.

While the vehicle used in the transport of drugs with a market value of approximately 20 million 500 thousand liras was seized, the driver of the vehicle was detained. The investigation into the incident is continuing before the Edirne Anti-Narcotic Crimes Prosecutor's Office.

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